You're not just imagining things if it seemed like it didn't rain much last year.

A lack of precipitation in 2017 made it the fourth-driest year on record, according to the National Weather Service in Grand Junction.

Since Oct. 2, only 0.05 of rain fell in Grand Junction.

In comparison, 1990 is the driest year on record, followed by the parched years of 1956 and 2012. The National Weather Service started keeping tabs in 1893.

While the rest of this week is expected to be dry with continued warmer than normal temperatures, the dry spell should break by the week's end, said Chris Cuoco, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

"It looks like Saturday through Sunday we'll get rain (in the valley) and snow in the mountains," he said. "We're very sure there's going to be good precipitation."

Rain is expected Saturday afternoon and the storm should clear out by Sunday night, he said.

This weekend's forecast storm should be followed by another storm building the following week from Jan. 11-13, Cuoco said.

Temperatures are expected to stay relatively warm, but the storm systems will cause temperatures to dip to nearly normal for this time of year, Cuoco said. Sunday is expected to be a high of 40 degrees and Monday will be a high of 39. Normal high temperatures are between 37 and 40 degrees this time of year.

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