DENVER — Although House Bill 1232 no longer calls for creating a state-run public option plan for Colorado’s health care marketplace, the bill still calls for the Colorado insurance commissioner to set targets for premium reductions. The bill has cleared the House, and the Senate is to take it up this week.

■ Today: The House Agriculture, Livestock and Water Committee is to debate SB204, a measure that narrows the focus and puts more money into a new state program designed to help boost economic development in rural areas of the state or communities hard hit by large-scale job losses, such as the closure of a coal mine or a manufacturing plant.

■ Tuesday: The House Appropriations Committee is to hear HB1189, a measure that would expand protections against air toxins.

■ Wednesday: The Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee is to discuss HB1071, a measure that would allow local governments to use ranked choice voting in nonpartisan elections.

■ Thursday: The House Education Committee is to hear SB116, a measure that would ban the use of Native American mascots in public schools.

■ Next week: Although it’s unknown just yet when the Legislature will end this year’s session, it is clearly beginning to wind down. Normally, it would have completed its work last week, but this year’s session was delayed in late January and early February because of the pandemic.

All floor action and committees can be watched or heard on the Colorado Legislature’s website at Check that website to see which measures are available for remote testimony, and how to register to speak.

— Charles Ashby