Hospital cost bill heads to guv

DENVER — Two Denver Democratic lawmakers have introduced a bill to require all local jails to provide free menstrual hygiene products to be provided free to women in custody. No date yet has been set on when this bill will be heard.

■ Today: The House Finance Committee is to hear HB1145, a measure that would bar liens from being placed on someone's home if the debt is to collect for medical expenses.

■ Tuesday: The House Health & Insurance Committee is to debate HB1176, a bill that creates a special task force to look at various health care financing systems, including universal health care coverage.

■ Wednesday: The Senate Judiciary Committee is to discuss HB1039, a bill that would allow transgender people to change the sex on their birth certificates.

■ Thursday: The Senate Health & Human Services Committee is to hear HB1028, a measure that would add autism spectrum disorders to the list of disabling medical conditions authorized to use medical marijuana.

■ Next week: The Colorado Senate is to consider a House bill to ban conversion therapy, which is the controversial practice of converting gays and lesbians to be straight.

Scheduled committee hearings are subject to change. All floor action and committees can be watched or heard on the Legislature's website, Check that website to see which measures are available for remote testimony, and how to register to speak.

— By Charles Ashby

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