CMU campus


David Ludlam graduated from Colorado Mesa University. His parents graduated from CMU. He met his wife at CMU. From 2018-2021, he served as the director of public relations for CMU.

He’s always been a Maverick. Now, he’s once again a Mav in an official capacity.

The university announced last week that, after a nationwide search, it has tabbed Ludlam to serve as its vice president of communications, ending Ludlam’s brief hiatus from the university.

“A friend of mine had a startup company, and he was needing some help in terms of developing the product messaging and business development and all those sorts of things,” Ludlam said. “It was in that startup phase of a business that I’ve never tackled before, and it was something I wanted to try. I certainly learned a lot from it, but the thing for me was that, once your heart’s at CMU, it stays there.

“There’s something about the mission of higher ed in general, but CMU specifically, in terms of the student demographics that’s really special, so when this opportunity to come back presented itself, I decided to pursue it.”

As the vice president of communications, Ludlam will manage and oversee CMU’s communications efforts, create strategies around the school’s marketing and programming, and develop the communications strategy for interacting with stakeholders.

He officially starts his new role on June 27.

“Having been an alumni myself, knowing what CMU has done for my own family’s trajectory, I understand first-hand why what we do is important,” Ludlam said. “I’m excited to get back to it.”

Colorado Mesa cast a wide net for its search for its next vice president of communications, but ultimately, the candidate who was born and raised on the Western Slope, graduated from Palisade High School and has dedicated many years since to the university was offered the position.

His familiarity with the school helped, as did his vision for how to effectively market the university’s brand.

“One of the things that the university focuses its time, energy and efforts on is providing services to first-generation students and also underserved student populations,” Ludlam said. “A lot of the things I had been able to accomplish in my previous role in those areas of focus are things I can build from and that I understand the importance of that particular area to our overall mission.”