Spencer Shanley, 31, was sentenced to six years in the Department of Corrections last week on two separate counts of felony menacing after reaching a plea deal with the 21st Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

Shanley was shot multiple times by Grand Junction Police Department officers after they were dispatched for a report of a suicidal subject in June, 2019.

During the encounter, Shanley reportedly pointed a gun with a laser sight at the officers, which was seen as a lethal threat, and was shot.

Twenty-first Judicial District Chief Deputy District Attorney David Waite, the prosecuting attorney in the case, felt the police did everything right and, though Shanley may suffer permanent injury as a result, he said he brought it on himself.

Waite said that they first filed attempted murder charges on Shanley but because he never fired his gun and his state of mind was an issue that night, the DA’s Office chose to pursue felony menacing charges instead.

Shanley reportedly spent a significant time in the hospital recovering prior to going to jail.