Mesa County’s declining vaccination trend continued last week as the county recorded another low for new COVID-19 vaccinations.

The 1,405 vaccinations administered for the week ending May 29 is more than 500 fewer than the previous week, according to Mesa County Public Health’s weekly report on vaccine distribution. This comes on the heels of efforts to entice new residents to get vaccinated, including a statewide sweepstakes to encourage vaccinations.

The county last week did cross the 50,000 threshold for vaccinated residents. As of Tuesday’s data, 50,801 residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine and 50,355 are fully inoculated. According to county data, this represents 37% of the population being fully vaccinated.

On the virus front, Mesa County’s one-week positivity rate climbed above 7% for the first time in months as of Wednesday’s update, which included 54 new positive COVID-19 cases.

Twenty-six people are now hospitalized in the region and 96% of hospital beds are occupied. Only about 80% of Intensive Care Unit beds are full, according to the county’s data dashboard.

In terms of fatalities, the county data looks significantly different now as Mesa County this week adjusted its COVID-19 death data to align with state figures. This led to more than 50 deaths being tacked on to the county’s total.

Now, Mesa County Public Health is reporting 230 deaths among COVID-19 cases.

“Deaths among cases is based on county of residence, however, prior to this alignment, it’s possible not all were reported to MCPH,” the county noted on its website explaining the change. “The death counts for known deaths among cases are deaths reported by the Mesa County Coroner to MCPH. This number is different from the statewide data because state reporting for deaths due to COVID-19 is based on the county where the death occurred. Numbers on this dashboard only include Mesa County residents.”

The county has long tracked fatalities in two categories. The smaller category is known deaths due to COVID-19. These are all deaths in which COVID-19 was listed as the cause of death. The county is presently reporting 142 such deaths. The broader category, deaths among COVID-19 cases, was the category that was amended this week by the health department. That total includes fatalities in which someone died after having tested positive for COVID-19, but for which the cause of death may have been listed as a different factor.

The 230 deaths among COVID-19 cases include the 142 deaths due to COVID-19.