With Mesa County Public Health moved into the Grand Junction Convention Center for large-scale vaccine distribution, figuring out logistics for everyone getting the vaccine can be tricky. For disabled members of the community, walking through the convention center doors may not be an option.

Mesa County Public Health spokesperson Amanda Mayle said that early in testing they would go offsite for people who needed it and did not rule out doing the same for vaccines under certain circumstances.

“The elevator was part of the design at the Convention Center,” she said and they also have wheelchairs and walkers on-site for people who need them.

County health will also be using a golf cart starting this week.

“Beginning Monday, the golf cart will be doing regular runs from the parking lot to the Convention Center,” Mayle said.“No vaccines have been administered off-site yet, but as operations and supply expands we will make every effort to reach all residents, including the use of additional and potentially mobile clinics if needed.”

Mayle said that Mesa County decided to go with the Convention Center as the site for the vaccine clinic for a variety of reasons, though a drive-thru option was discussed.

“The central location of Two Rivers was really desirable to us,” she said. “We also thought it was best to have people in a larger area where they are spaced out.”

One logistical concern with a drive-thru option would have been monitoring the patients after the vaccines were administered.

All those that have been inoculated must wait for observation for up to 30 minutes after receiving shot.

Mayle said the observational period would have presented challenges with a drive-thru and so the decision was made to go with Two Rivers.