The majority of Daily Sentinel readers wait to decorate for the holiday season until after Thanksgiving, according to the latest poll at

Just more than half of respondents decorate their homes after Thanksgiving, but before December. Others begin in early December (11%) and mid-December (8%). The second-largest bloc doesn't decorate at all (15%).

Daily Sentinel polls are open-access and do not meet the criteria to be considered scientific polls.

New Poll

With a new batch of arguments breaking out after the failure of Ballot Measure 4A — a bond to rebuild Grand Junction High School and provide infrastructure updates to other schools — we want to know what you think comes next.

Our next poll question is: "With the failure of Ballot Measure 4A, how should District 51 address the issues at Grand Junction High School?"

News Quiz

Every Friday, The Daily Sentinel Q&A News Quiz appears in our e-mail newsletter. The quiz will have four questions about local news — three concerning recent events covered in the Sentinel and one from the archives.

Answers to the quiz questions will appear in the paper on the next Sunday.

Here are this week's questions and answers:

Q: Regarding Las Colonias, Grand Junction voters approved a measure that addresses what problem that city officials were worried about at the business park?

A: C. Financing limitations for companies moving in

Q: A bond that would have replaced Grand Junction High School failed on Tuesday. When was the current school built?

A: B. 1956

Q: Also on Election Day this year, a former fish and wildlife biologist was sentenced in relation to a crime that involved selling bobcat pelts to buyers in which European country?

A: B. Greece

Q: From the archives: On Election Day in November 2009, Grand Junction voters approved what change to elections for sheriff, district attorney and coroner?

A: D. Increased the number of terms an elected official may serve to three

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