There’s a little more access to outdoor adventure in Grand Junction as local motorcycle enthusiasts now have the opportunity to get their adrenaline rush and hone their riding skills in a new off highway vehicle (OHV) Endurocross obstacle course. It’s one mile north of the cattle guard on 27¼ Road.

The project was completed recently through the generosity of others and many local groups working together.

Marc Baker and Lee Cooper, members of the Motorcycle Trail Riding Association (MTRA), said Xcel Energy, Grand Valley Power, Fortera, Alpine Tree Service and Con-Sy Inc. all supplied materials for the obstacle course.

Besides the materials, Con-Sy also provided the heavy equipment, time and manpower to construct the challenging motorcycle path designed for intermediate and expert riders.

Baker and Cooper also applauded the efforts of volunteer Cliff Allen, who worked on the track and wrote the grant to assist with financing the project.

“He’s (Allen) been a big part of advocating for the motocross and endurocross tracks,” Baker said.

Baker and Cooper added that association President Dave Clapp’s leadership also played a great part in the endeavor.

Baker said that the Bureau of Land Management also used some of the funds from the sale of a portion of land to the airport to provide more runway access to help build the track.

“It’s great to have the BLM here and partnering with local clubs like MTRA and Bookcliff Ratlers,” Baker said. “(BLM) gives every outdoor enthusiast something to do on our public lands.”

Baker and Cooper said this course is the second endurocross the BLM has authorized. The other is in Olathe.

Baker, who is a park ranger for the BLM, said the Endurocross track is nearly a mile long. It is designed to challenge motorcycle riders at the intermediate and expert level, using obstacles that emulate different scenarios a rider might find in nature.

“It’s designed to hone your skills as a rider, adding urban feel (through) concrete blocks and pipe,” Baker said.

He said that the OHV Endurocross is a tremendous workout and great training course to build motorcycle endurance.

It is good practice for real-life scenarios a person might experience as they ride the wind. The course also tests riders’ balance and agility and allows them to raise their skill level.

At each juncture, a motorcyclist can choose an easier or harder challenge or forgo the challenge altogether by going around the obstacle.

For the safety of riders and visitors, it’s also in a fenced-off area to prevent debris and problems from unwanted trespassers.

“Volunteers and donations made this happen,” Baker said. “That’s pretty amazing.”