From the initial shock of the announcement to the murky number of jobs promised, the relocation of the Bureau of Land Management headquarters to Grand Junction dominated headlines earlier this month.

Even after it was announced that 27 administration positions would move to the Western Slope, Daily Sentinel readers are largely excited about the move, according to our poll.

We posted a poll question on asking "What is your opinion of the BLM headquarters moving to Grand Junction?"

There were three options for those excited about the move and three options for those who are nervous, with those who are thrilled by the move taking 63% of the vote.

Breaking it down further, readers were most excited by the BLM moving closer to public lands (73 of 249 votes), closely followed by the potential economic impacts of such a move (70 votes). A smaller portion was excited by the prestige of housing a large government agency (15 votes).

Readers were most nervous about an important voice for public lands leaving Washington, D.C. (35 votes). There's also a general distrust of government agencies (34 votes), and others are concerned with potential changes to Grand Junction's housing market (22 votes).

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