Nick Allan

Nick Allan

Name: Nick Allan

Age: 29

Occupation: Rural Economic Development Organizer

What public education issue motivated you to run for school board, and how is that issue affecting children in the district?

The issue that made me decide to run was the cuts made to our classroom staff. As a former teacher, I know how difficult it is to manage large class sizes. Large classes hurt students because there is less opportunity for teachers to meet the individual needs of each of their students.

Is there a recent school board decision you've disagreed with and, what would you have done instead?

I disagree with the time restrictions placed on public comment. These limits make it harder for the community to voice its concerns. However, there is no place for recent threats of violence, intimidation, or shouting in a public exchange of ideas. Both actions suppress community members from speaking.

What lessons did you learn from the district's experience with COVID-19 and, if so, how can those lessons be applied moving forward?

Watching our district's response to COVID-19 reminds me of the importance of communication. Our district was Colorado's most populous school system to stay open. We should celebrate that. But, I heard from parents that they struggled to understand certain district decisions. We can alleviate the frustration through better communication.

With respect to future bond issues, how should the district best appeal to voters for funding upgrades to aging schools?

As a district, we best appeal to voters by earning their trust. I believe this recent bond has been vetted and deserves our vote. No matter what, earning the community's trust comes from using money responsibly and improving communication.

The current board has already extended an offer to Dr. Brian Hill to take over as superintendent upon Dr. Sirko's retirement. Are you confident in that decision and in the direction of the district administration going forward?

I am confident in the board's decision to hire Dr. Hill. I believe he is committed, qualified, and well equipped to take our district forward. He recognizes and is willing to work on his administration establishing better communication with all of our community.

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