In spite of efforts, Mesa County's suicide rate is growing. Many victims are young or middle-aged professionals. And mental health services struggle to keep up with demand. The Daily Sentinel presents a four-day series exploring Mesa County's high suicide rate, personal stories behind the numbers, root causes, steps being taken to address the problem and resources.



The public is invited to participate in a forum from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Whitman Educational Center, 248 S. Fourth St.

Daily Sentinel reporters Amy Hamilton and Emily Shockley and several local suicide prevention advocates and mental health providers will discuss the series, current trends, and resources and programs available.

Dark, Open Secret — Part 1


In part 1,our reporters examine the suicide statistics in Mesa County and across the state. It compares the rates between counties and explores some of the reasons why Mesa County has a higher rate than other counties in the state. It also discusses how suicide effects the workforce and the employer's role in prevention. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

Ask The Question — Part 2


Part 2 of the series brings personal stories of loss, coping and survival from the many people in our community who have lost a love one or attempted suicide. It discusses suicide tendencies by gender, warning signs, and how to break the cycle of silence. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

Deployment, Depression, and Sometimes Death — Part 3


Part 3 of the series discusses the vulnerability of veterans after they return from service and how service members are increasing their focus on suicide and crisis services. It also includes three personal stories from survivors who describe what it is like to lose a loved one to suicide. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

What's Next: Talking About Suicide — Part 4


The last day of the series tells those dealing with suicide how to seek help and where to go to find it. It discusses the warning signs, local resources, and the importance of teaching suicide awareness in schools. A video, "How to talk about suicide," concludes the package. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

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