DENVER — Now that the state's $30.5 billion annual spending plan has gone through the Colorado Senate and House, it will return to the same panel that drafted it, the Joint Budget Committee, to iron out differences between the two versions of the bill. What many are watching for is a plan to increase funding to transportation projects by about $106 million. Both chambers approved additional funding for roads and bridges, so some increased funding is expected. If that happens, the budget could dedicate about $300 million to transportation in the next fiscal year, which begins July 1.

■ Today: The Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee is to hear HB1210, a measure that would allow local governments to set minimum wage requirements greater than what state law already mandates.

■ Tuesday: The House Judiciary Committee is to vote on HB1226, a measure that would expand the pretrial services programs like the one already in operation in Mesa County to all counties. The bill calls for the Colorado Judicial Branch to oversee such programs for counties that can't afford to establish their own.

■ Wednesday: The House Transportation and Local Government Committee is to discuss HB1295, a measure that would allow the state's 10 largest counties, such as Mesa, to do away with their governor-appointed public trustees and mold that office into their county treasurer offices, where that same duty is performed at all small counties.

■ Thursday: The House Education Committee is to debate SB2, a measure that would regulate those who provide student loans, and creates a program to help students get college loans that they can afford to pay back.

■ Next week: The 2019 session is only weeks away from ending, but the Legislature still has several meaty issues to tackle, such as paid leave for Colorado workers and several health care reforms.

All floor action and committees can be watched or heard on the Legislature's website at Check that website to see which measures are available for remote testimony, and how to register to speak.

— Charles Ashby

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