Trooper finds big pot cache in man's rental car

A 31-year-old Kansas man was held this week on a cash bond after authorities allegedly recovered an astonishing amount of marijuana and marijuana concentrate in his rental car.

Michael Row, 31, of Wichita, was driving a vehicle eastbound on Interstate 70 near the Fruita interchange Wednesday around noon when a Colorado State Patrol trooper initiated a traffic stop. The trooper suspected Row's vehicle was traveling with an SUV, and the two vehicles were passing each other unsafely, he wrote in a report.

The trooper wrote that Row "displayed numerous signs of criminal activity including illogical travel plans, changing travel plans, and a third-party rental vehicle," during his interactions with him.

According to the trooper, when he asked Row about the possibility of him smuggling drugs, "he stated something to the effect of, 'Trunk's full, man.'"

He wasn't lying. When the trooper opened the trunk of the car, the entire compartment was completely filled with vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana — 105 pounds, Row said.

About 15 pounds of marijuana concentrate was also recovered in Row's vehicle, according to the State Patrol.

Row appeared Thursday in Mesa County Court and was advised on possible high-level drug distribution charges, which carry mandatory prison sentences upon conviction.

Despite what a public defender called Row's limited criminal history, which includes two felony convictions in Kansas in 2008, Judge Bruce Raaum issued a $50,000 cash-only bond in the case.

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