David Bottger

The judge who presided over the initial trial and sentenced Blagg to life in prison without the possibility of parole also ordered him a new trial in 2014 after finding juror Marilyn Charlesworth committed misconduct. Bottger spent more than 30 years on the bench and became chief judge before retiring in 2016 and moving to Austin, Texas.

The prosecution and law enforcement

Frank Daniels

Blagg's case was the second-to-last murder case the three-term elected district attorney tried. Daniels was term-limited in 2005 and moved into private practice. He is now retired and lives in Grand Junction.

Brian Flynn

The prosecutor who served as Daniels'  second chair during Blagg's first trial became a district court judge in 2005. Following Bottger's 2016 retirement, Flynn took over as chief judge in Mesa County.

George Barley

The unassuming lead investigator on Blagg's case from the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, Barley later transitioned to working as an evidence technician for the department. He still lives in Grand Junction.

Lissah Norcross

A complex crimes investigator with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office during Blagg's first trial, Norcross continues in the role today. She will serve as advisory witness to the prosecution in Blagg's second trial.

Dick Dillon

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office's lieutenant over investigations in 2001, Dillon played a major role in the case. He retired in 2010 and lives on his Molina ranch.

Stan Hilkey

The law enforcement veteran was elected Mesa County sheriff in 2002, placing him in charge of the department in time for Blagg's 2004 trial. Term-limited, he left office in 2014 after Gov. John Hickenlooper named him executive director of the Colorado Department of Public Safety, the position he holds today.

Steve King

The longtime cop served as the Sheriff's Office liaison with Blagg during the investigation and as a key witness during the trial. He continued to perform a variety of part-time jobs for the Sheriff's Office after being elected state representative in 2006 and state senator in 2010. He was fired from the Sheriff's Office and dropped out of the race for sheriff in 2014 after being charged with defrauding the Sheriff's Office and Colorado Mesa University, for which he had also performed work. He was sentenced to two years probation  and 80 hours of public service in 2015. He still lives in Grand Junction.

The defense

David Eisner

Blagg's trial defense attorney and the longtime head of Grand Junction's Public Defender's Office, Eisner moved into private practice in 2007. He retired fully in November and still lives in Grand Junction.

Ken Singer

Eisner's second chair attorney at trial, Singer later departed the Public Defender's Office and now works for a Grand Junction collection agency.

Pamela Sharp

The defense investigator assigned to Blagg's case, Sharp remains in that role. She is the lone holdover on the defense side from the original trial team.

Information provided by The Daily Sentinel archives, the Mesa County Sheriff's Office and the Colorado State Public Defender's Office.

Compiled by Gabrielle Porter

and Mike Wiggins, The Daily Sentinel

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