Like everyone else, we’re still trying to process what happened at the Capitol on Wednesday.

If this isn’t President Trump’s Waterloo, then the country is surely in the midst of a ruinous descent.

A wild mob storming this nation’s apparatus of power during a joint session of Congress on what is symbolically the day we affirm our democracy.

It wasn’t a riot. No, this was a seditious event at a vulnerable moment brought on by years of a president fomenting partisan warfare and politicians who employ “divide and conquer” in the most literal sense.

We’re left picking up the pieces today, unsure of how long it will take this self-inflicted wound to scab over and heal — if ever.

What the world must think of us now that the greatest nation on Earth looks like a banana republic?

It’s a sad day for America. At this moment, Vladimir Putin is sabering off the top of yet another bottle of Champagne.

But it’s also a turning point. We’ll either fix what ails us or fade like the Romans.

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