If the Broncos are going to insist on wearing helmets featuring the old “D” logo, why can’t they just resurrect the old uniforms entirely?

Who wouldn’t want to see the old powder-blue helmets, orange jerseys and white pants? That’s a look we all remember fondly. Instead the Broncos “throwback” uniforms are a twisted mash-up of old and new looks. The familiar “D” is there, but on navy blue helmets. Worse, though, is the garish orange-on-orange pants and jersey combo.

The only thing uglier is the Broncos’ current streak of losing seasons. It stands at three. They’ve missed the playoffs in four straight seasons. Hard to believe that Broncos GM John Elway could survive another season if the playoff drought continues — or that he’d want to.

The good news is that the Broncos won four of their final five games in 2019, largely on the play of rookie quarterback Drew Lock. Elway said Monday that Lock showed enough in his five-week audition to earn the nod as the Denver Broncos’ starting QB heading into 2020.

A solid draft to shore up the offensive line and the Broncos may very well be playoff contenders again. The Sentinel’s Chris Magninie laid out the reasons for optimism in Wednesday’s edition.

The upshot for this offseason is that for the first time since Super Bowl 50, Elway isn’t looking to change his head coach, starting quarterback or locker room chemistry.

But one major issue — with huge implications on the Broncos’ future — remains unresolved. There’s no defined owner at the top of this organization — no one to hold Elway accountable for his vision and actions.

For decades, Pat Bowlen was the Broncos owner. Before he died of Alzheimer’s disease-related complications in 2019, Bowlen set up an ownership trust with instructions that it remain in place until one of his children is ready to take over as a new team owner.

The face of the trust is Joe Ellis, the current president and CEO of the Broncos. On Dec. 30, he told the Denver Post that if Brittany Bowlen does not rise to the role of controlling owner, the next move would be to put the team up for sale.

Could putting the Broncos on the auction block spur talk of moving the franchise? Unlikely. The Broncos still sell out every game and have a rabid fan base. So rabid that even a Super Bowl hero and franchise icon like Elway only gets so much leeway as GM.

Elway needs to orchestrate a winning season in 2020. Wins, even if they’re ugly, are the bottom line.

Win the AFC West in 2020 and all will be forgiven — maybe even those atrocious uniforms.

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