Let's recognize we're all part of the same family

In the light of the recent mass shootings, could I ask that we all just shut up, stop finger pointing, and have a bit of respect for the victims and their families?

In perspective, only a small percentage of the mass killings in the world happen in our country. Most of the world's rampage is simply not reported by our media outlets, and a lot of it goes on so continuously, that it is almost old hat. Nearly every day, there is some kind of mass genocide, border war or tribal warfare that happens on the continent of Africa alone.

Bombings in market places, religious hatred squabbles, and village carnage goes on in the Middle East daily. Add in communist government, violence doled out to those who dare to be individuals, the violent squashing of demonstrations recently in France, mass killings in Pakistan, hundreds of deaths in Hong Kong riots, The Boko Haram, the Iranian Guard, The Ukraine vs. Russia, eastern Spain, boatloads of refugees sinking in the Mediterranean, and the terrible treatment of women in the Muslim world, and you can see that we live in times filled with a lot of bad stuff.

Instead of pointing fingers at who is at fault for a mentally deranged person going haywire with a gun, can you just stop for a second and realize that we are all members of the family of mankind? A very violent, jealous, strong, and foolish species; capable of wondrous beauty, or terrible ugliness. We each choose our own path. When the ugliness happens it becomes news. Beauty seems to be passed over as not interesting.

In the small amount of time I have left on this planet, I vow to try to understand my neighbor, accept differences and just cool my jets when it comes to violence. We should all try to make the good in us stand out, before sensibility becomes a thing of the past too.



Avalon needs space, not a marquee

As a member of the original Avalon Theatre board, in the 1990s (the group that researched and replaced the Avalon facade), may I suggest that rather than a "fancy new wraparound digital marquee," money be spent on enlarging the stage by knocking out the back wall and extending the theater into the alley — thereby making a performance area large enough for major Broadway shows — which you can then advertise on the existing marquee.


Grand Junction

Why don't we all see the same thing?

After reading Sunday's letter, "We live in a culture where life is devalued," by Michael Higgins, I gasped thinking, "Oh, my gosh! There really is someone else observing reality in contemporary life through my glasses. Do Mr. Higgins and I have the same lens prescription? Why doesn't everyone?



What explains difference in philosophies regarding guns?

After Sandy Hook, in which 20 6- and 7-year-olds were shot and killed, many of us thought that if there was anything positive that could come out of the horrible incident it was that finally gun control would be implemented. However the Republicans blocked even background checks.

Now it is almost seven years later with our country still experiencing a high rate of gun deaths and many Republicans still refusing to support any gun control. I think the following difference in philosophies explain why many seem to view deaths from guns as an acceptable by product of virtually unlimited access to guns:

Republicans: If it hasn't happened to me, I don't care.

Democrats: It shouldn't happen to anyone. That's why I care.



A mad man bent on mass murder will find a way

The fad of the day for the socialist is to ban guns or tax them out of existence. They should do a little research. (They won't.) The Oklahoma City bomber killed around 170 and severely injured around 800 using fertilizer and diesel.

Worldwide, bombs are the weapon of choice for terrorists because bombs are simple, low cost and very effective killing machines.A dedicated mad man bent on mass murder will find a way.


Grand Junction

Other countries don't kill like we do

People aren’t blaming the gun, Michael Higgins. They are blaming what promotes pulling the trigger — the brain wielding the gun. Oh those lovely AR-15s and the right for law-abiding citizens to enjoy entertaining themselves recreating with a human image target and essentially saying “Hey, let’s spend the weekend pretending to kill people.”

That is the NRA propaganda in which you’ve wrapped yourself to the point you can’t reason.

You talk about "violent video games, movies and music,” and yes I can see that as a possible problem. I’m sure your groups idolize John Wayne, Dirty Harry and Rambo as well. But, think, please. Other countries have violent games, movies and music that we both import and export. But they don’t kill like we do. Why is that do you suppose?

Then you bring up God and abortion and how “the left” is “trying to take God out of our country.” No sir they are not. But, we could replace guns with the jawbone of an ass since that is a weapon noted the Bible. That could save some lives.

You cite the gun deaths in Chicago and Baltimore but who sells those illegal guns? Gangs just hop over the Indiana line where white, law-abiding gun dealers can sell as many as they want without worrying about legal issues. And I read a number of years ago about a white Maryland gun dealer and a member of the NRA board who tangled with the ATF because his inventory and sales didn’t match the large number of guns he purchased to sell. He lost his license to sell.

It’s not the gun Mr. Higgins. It’s folks who think it’s OK for mass killings to occur as long as law-abiding ones can pretend to kill.


Grand Junction

Democrats, still sore from losing, are the hater mongers

Yes it is President Trump's America along with 62 million-plus voters that said so. However, hate crimes started three years before, during the eight years of President Obama, fueled by Maxine Waters and the other Democrats that to this day still cannot stand that President Trump was elected, and has since started cleaning the swamp in D.C.

The hate by the Democrats is fostered by the fact that they cannot control him, they cannot bribe him and he owes no other politician anything for his election.

What would you call it with thousands attacking our southern border on a daily basis and claiming they want asylum in this country instead of fighting for their own just as we have over the years so we can enjoy the freedoms that we have. What have they offered? Nothing because they come here, we provide food, housing, health care and education.

No I am not a loser, Eden. I am an American who has served my country like millions of others have to guarantee the kind of hate that you are writing today We have welcomed millions of immigrants to our country but they all came here legally and to be part of our society and to grow with it.

I do not believe there is a country in the world that provides more help to other countries than the United States. But like our country, until all those that continue to corrupt our country, so they can become millionaires and have a job for life then we need a President that does what he says he will do.

Yes, Eden, I agree with you that HATRED needs to go away but until the Democrats can accept that they lost the election and stop their continued investigations over the president who was elected to serve our country and not those who lost ...

Our president has done more for this country to help its citizens than the previous leader who tried to destroy our country, brought hate not only to it citizens but our police, tried to destroy our military and had no foreign policy, other than bowing to other leaders.

Yes, Eden, lets all get on the same page for the next give years, back the president and let's see how well off we may be at the end. If not, then the polls can change that if possible.


Grand Junction

We all have someone to hate

A letter to the editor (in rhythm) " THE STATE OF HATE: Are we ALL to blame?"

The Jews they hate the Arabs and the Arabs hate the Jews, Reagan hates the Russians and the Grey Coats hate the Blues, and the Christians hate the Muslims and the Orange hates the Green and the Ku Klux Klan hates any man who don't look like Mr. Clean.

And Suzie hates her sister and her father hates her mom and Timmy's in the basement and he's working on his bomb. Those skinheads they hate everyone, just why I'll never know. They hate the thought of Jesus but they love their Joe.

Well Hoover hated Castro, do you recall the Bay of Pigs? He voted for embargo as he puffed on Castro's cig's. He hated Martin Luther King and his "damned ol' Civil Rights" for screwing with the status quo, "the Supremacy of Whites."

It's a crazy world, no matter where you go, Take the fields of Rwanda to the streets of Chicago. Round and round we twirl, going nowhere. I guess history is our fate. We all got someone we hate.

Well Cain he killed his brother, somewhere way back when. Now our very own Big Brother just did in Bin Laden. Hey Jesus! Hey Mohammed! We got ourselves a war, and boys will die and moms will cry just like it's been before.

It's a crazy world, no matter where you go. From the mountains of Afghanistan to streets below Soho. Round and round we twirl, going nowhere. I guess history is our fate. We ALL got someone we hate.

So, do you hate the Arabs? Or do you hate the Jews? Or do you hate Republicans who hate all that fake news? Or do you hate the Communists, them "No Good Pinko Rats." They're hiding in our country, disguised as Democrats.

It's a crazy world, no matter where you go. Take the fields of Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico. Round and round we twirl, going nowhere, I guess history is our fate. It looks like we ALL got someone we hate!


Grand Junction

Wisdom or obsolesence on Broncos' sideline?

After watching three quarters of the Broncos/Seahawks pre-season game on Thursday evening then reading about it in Friday's Sentinel I came away with this impression.

The Denver Broncos coaching staff that I observed on the sidelines looks like most have been around for a good portion of the NFL’s 100 years.


Grand Junction

Democrats, not Trump, are dividing country

In the news it’s suggested by some political observers that President Trump should be at fault for the shootings and the violence. This is how far in denial some of the American people have allowed themselves to be filled with lies from the unhappy election losers of the last presidential election. The Democrats themselves are the ones dividing the country.

On the other hand, the Demorcatic candidates running for president are promising free health insurance benefits and at some point a guaranteed pay check , for doing nothing, like it’s being paid out of their own pockets. I don’t want to take on for paying for things that in the past were paid by working for a living. Because some people do not want to work for a living. You see these people protesting, and just complaining about everything.


Grand Junction

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