Boebert owes constituents an admission of truth

Lauren Boebert, stop peddling lies. Radical Democrats didn't provoke the rampage in the US Capitol last Wednesday. Donald Trump did, by spreading false claims about election fraud over the past month. He mobilized White Nationalists and well-meaning Republican conservatives alike. They were misled by his lies. Now it's time for the truth. The president lost re-election and you won election, fair and square. You owe it to all of your constituents, all the people, to always tell the truth.


Glade Park

Election fraud? Common sense says no

For all of the people distressed by thinking that the election was rigged by Democrats consider this: If Democrats were able to rig elections, we would now be watching the second Inauguration of President Hillary Clinton who had succeeded President Barack Obama, who had succeeded President Al Gore and the Democratic control of the House and Senate for the last 20 years.



Remembering Herb Bacon

There are not many one would consider to be “icons” in the Grand Valley, but we certainly lost one last week with the passing of Herb Bacon. Herb was an invaluable bank board member, a gentle and ultra-wise mentor, and an inspiration to do the right thing for the common good, a true role model to a young banker many years ago when relatively new to the community. Although slight in stature, Herb was a mountain of a man and one that simply refused to take “no” for an answer. Herb will be missed by so many that he touched either directly or indirectly through his and Laura May’s philanthropic efforts. Gone, but certainly not forgotten.


Former Wells Fargo Bank Community Bank President, retired

Left thwarted Trump at every turn

I see so many negative letters directed at President Trump. Whether you're on the left or right, he was our president and he did deserve the respect due him as such. We have the right to disagree and we have the right to our opinions. Every man I voted for did not win. That didn't make me go totally against the winner. Point being, the leaders on the left had it in their minds to trash Mr Trump before he got in office. The left did very little except try to oust him, impeachment that failed and other very undignified ways, far beneath the dignity of our leaders. I just wonder how much better he could have done were our leaders to work for the nation with him instead. I'd rather be known as an agreeable person than one who fights every step of the way. As a divided nation, we cannot go on this way. There has to be a way to mend things and come to some sort of compromise. To do that, both sides need to sit down and listen not demanding their desires. We've come through a rough year with COVID and nerves are raw. This is AMERICA, based on Judeo/Christian ideas. The statement "We the people" has been far removed from us as a nation. I love this nation and will not care to see it go the way of others who failed by destroying themselves from within. God bless America.



Don't confuse opposing a corrupt presidency with 'hatred'

This is in response to Joyce Dean's letter to the editor. I can't decide whether to laugh or cry. It's simply amazing to me how ANYONE can still believe that Trump has ever done anything good for our country. In any case, just saying so without listing any facts is just laughable. Calling Democrats liars and believing in the thousands of lies from the lips of Trump is just being ignorant. The election was fair and was not stolen. Continuing to say so without showing proof is just being ignorant. When you believe he did more for our country than any other of the 44 presidents before him is just being ignorant. Even Trump admired Lincoln a little bit!! This man did not invent the Covid-19 vaccine. The people against him do not want a corrupt president, that's what we have had for 4 long years. You think Democrats are filled with hatred but must not have seen the hatred that came from Trump's instigation of the assault on our capitol..

We will now have an administration led by respectful and truthful leaders, who don't possess such awful qualities like we've seen from Trump, who is the absolute worst president in American history.



We can never recover from the damage of lying becoming accepted

So now Jan. 6th, 2021 will forever be known as the day our democracy almost ended at the hands of rioters. Why? We must all ask ourselves this question. The last time the Capitol Building in Washington was attacked was 1814, by the British. Traveling through Cedaredge on Friday there were support signs up for the rioters and promoting sedition. I did a double take, took a moment to calm down, and realized something. We are never going to work together to move our country again when Trump is gone. The level of misinformation out there is insane.

Lauren Boebert had her very first opportunity to speak in front of her peers in Congress, and what did she say? The election was "rigged". We have devolved into tribes who think telling a lie over and over again makes it the truth. I have separated all ties with my friends and family who are still Republicans who think believing lies is a way of life.


Grand Junction

We now have an actual opportunity to make America great again

America is back! It is time to “Make America Great Again.” Now that our Disrupter-in-Chief is on the way out the door, we can re-engage with the world again, demonstrating leadership, re-engaging alliances, addressing worldwide problems, and regaining world-wide respect among nations.

For too long we have lost respect around the world for our disruptive foreign policy, breaking alliances, and showing the world a xenophobic immigration policy. We now have the opportunity to show world leadership by re-engaging a climate policy, promoting human rights, promoting alliances, and fostering goodwill.

This is what it really means to “make America great again.”