Tracking down vaccine is impossible amid confusion

My husband and I are in Group 1B to receive the COVID-19 vaccine; so are a number of friends who live in Glenwood Springs. They were contacted last week by their doctor and their insurance broker, respectively, and told where and how to get their shots — which they did.

Here in Mesa County, we have filed the appropriate forms with our medical provider and with Mesa County Public Health. When we received no reply from either, I called both on Tuesday. Our medical provider said that they hope to have the vaccine within four to six weeks but have no assurance that they will. They did say that they had heard that Walgreens might be inoculating people. According to Walgreens, they are fully trained and prepared to “deliver vaccinations safely in accordance with CDC guidelines.” Unfortunately, they don’t say when, where or how that will happen.

When I called MCPH, I was shuttled electronically to the COVID-19 Hotline which rang for a long time and then announced that the hotline voicemail box was full. I was unable to speak in person with anyone. I then called our medical insurance provider; they were clueless — saying that I was the first person to contact them about how to get the vaccine — but gave me the website for the Colorado Department of Health. There I learned that I should contact my local medical provider or my county health department or my employer.

I am reminded of the time that my husband, an engineer, was in a foreign country checking the construction status on an airport. According to the records, a portion of the terminal was complete. When he went to the job site, no work had been done. When he questioned this situation, he was assured that the work was complete via a process known as “completion by proclamation,” a process that paints a rosy picture and accomplishes nothing.

As people who aspire to be “on the sharp end of the needle” we find ourselves adrift in a closed loop of misinformation, disinformation and confusion. It’s starting to feel like that old comedy routine, “Who’s On First?” Unfortunately, gaining timely access to the COVID-19 vaccine is no laughing matter.



Boebert detractors, please share plans to demonstrate

Hey all you people wanting to demonstrate for Lauren to resign, make sure you publicize it well in advance. I wouldn't want to miss a chance to show my support for her and laugh at liberals.



Boebert an embarrassment

Bobert must resign !! She is an embarrassment to the citizens of Mesa County.



Colorado Republicans should denounce Boebert

In her first official speech at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, as violent insurrectionists seized the House and Senate Chambers for the first time in United States history, Rep. Lauren Boebert left no doubt as to who her allegiance belonged to.

Referring to the incident as 1776 (Independence Day) and stating that the people rioting outside were “her people.” This recently awarded GED recipient and apparent Constitutional scholar was unaffected by the calls for the execution of Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence. Her behavior was as predicted embarrassing and seditious. She is a vapid sideshow freak enjoying but not understanding the seriousness of her behavior. She should resign immediately and the Colorado Republicans who supported and funded her campaign should without qualification denounce her continuation as representative for the Third Congressional District.



Boebert aided and abetted Capitol insurgents

Marion Wells stated Boebert did not play a role in the attack, the attempted violent government takeover. Boebert's objection, along with other peers to the legitimate, verified electoral votes is, in fact, part of the role of supporting the attack. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-Wash.), one of a handful of House Republicans weighing voting to impeach Trump, slammed Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) for tweeting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calf.) location during the siege. Boebert tweets were clearly made to assist the rioters in locating Pelosi and do her bodily harm. Boebert is apparently guilty of not only sedition but also aiding and abetting the rioters.


Grand Junction

Porch is a peaceful haven

My front porch in Fruita, Colorado has become my palace during this long, isolated winter. Facing the south, catching the sun but sheltered from the wind, my porch is a peaceful haven. When I am sitting there, I can I avoid the tedium of a sequestered indoor life, as well as enjoy contact with my friends and neighbors. I live in a 55 years-plus community where most of the people are retired. They love to walk their dogs, or simply walk for the exercise.

Often, they pause for a chat. For their convenience, I have placed two chairs on my porch - six feet apart as recommended today.

As I enjoy my Fruita porch, I am reminded of similar places I have sat in my life. As a child, living with my family in hot Oklahoma (during the Dust Bowl — yes, that was in the 1930s, but I remember it well) we used our large porch for many activities in the summer. Mornings were often set aside for food preparation. I remember peeling juicy peaches so my mother could make preserves. Or, we might pick out pecans for a delicious pie. In the evenings we would welcome friends or relatives who dropped by for a visit. Political talk was about FDR and the New Deal. Or about the 1930s Depression. It sometimes became as heated as political discussions of today.

While I isolate myself, waiting for the vaccine and freedom, I don't feel that I am "stuck at home." I prefer to say, "I am safe at home" enjoying my front porch palace.



Publish vaccine numbers to bolster confidence in response

In addition to publishing the number of total cases, hospitalizations and deaths due to COVID-19, I suggest you also cite the number of immunity doses shipped into the county as well as the number of inoculations actually administered on a daily and cumulative basis. This data will bolster the public's confidence that there is indeed "light at the end of the tunnel."


Grand Junction

Boebert could be facing expulsion or imprisonment

Contrary to Marion Wells’ Tuesday letter (“Russell George’s opinion wrongfully presented as news”) recent reports portend that the question of whether 3rd C.D. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert did or “did not play a role in the attack on the Capitol” last Wednesday may well become a fact question before the House Ethics Committee and/or for a jury in her eventual criminal trial. Therefore, it was entirely appropriate and certainly not “wrong [for George] to make such a statement” (Sentinel, Dennis Webb, “Rifle’s George says Boebert played a role in riot”, Jan. 8).

As mentioned in Wednesday’s companion column by the Washington Post’s Michel Gerson (“Sedition must be punished”), “[o]n the morning of the Capitol attack, newly seated Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., tweeted, “Today is 1776” – comparing a revolt of treasonous misfits and conspiracy theorists to the conduct of a justified revolution”.

Another chronicler of right-wing extremism suggests that Boebert’s “1776” tweet may connect her to Ali Alexander, the convicted felon who was one of the insurrection’s organizers, who uses the term “1776” as code for armed attacks on established authority (Daily Kos, “Congress member declared "Today is 1776," tweeted re Pelosi's location during insurrection; Dec. 10), and who has since gone into hiding to avoid arrest.

Earlier, Colorado Pols asked “Did Lauren Boebert Help Rioters Track Nancy Pelosi?” (Jan. 10,, concluding that “the only question is whether Boebert consciously understood that she was supplying vital information to the insurrectionists storming the U.S. Capitol at that exact moment, or is just so impossibly ignorant in this life-and-death situation that she did not realize the stupendous security mistake she was making by broadcasting these details to her far-right followers?

The answers to these questions are immediately relevant under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, because — even if her tweets did not actually “aid” the rioters — her continuing embrace of Trump’s “Big Lie” about election fraud and her attempt to shift blame to Democrats (Sentinel, Charles Ashby, “Boebert claims that conservatives had nothing to do with violence at the Capitol”, Jan. 10) certainly gave them “comfort” – and therefore may properly result in her expulsion from Congress.

Moreover, if Boebert’s words/action furthered Trump’s “seditious conspiracy” under 18 USC § 2384 and/or aided/abetted a “Riot” under 18 USC § 2101(a)(4) and/or provided material support to domestic terrorists under 18 USC § 2339A, she could face life-imprisonment because deaths resulted.


Grand Junction

Voters in November 2022 must remember Jan. 6, 2021

The article in the Sentinel “What does the Future Hold for the GOP?” perhaps should have read “What does the Future Hold for Boebert?” While the article includes criticisms of Boebert's role during events of Jan. 6, there was one relevant omission. During her objection during the House debate on the Arizona electoral count she ranted in a threatening manner, “I have constituents outside this building right now!” This pronouncement was before the assault on the Capitol, indicating awareness of the impending assault. Later, knowing of the desecration of the Capitol, she voted with 121 Republicans to refute the will of the Pennsylvania people.

Since constituents are “members of a group represented by an elected official” it is difficult to imagine that Boebert's constituents are not largely conservative. However, in efforts to backpedal her support of the insurgents, she and her apologists claimed that the assertion that conservatives had participated in the Capitol assault was “political hypocrisy” and further claiming that radical Democrats had infiltrated Trump supporters. Really? I wonder if any of the 80 plus arrested insurgents are indeed Democrats. One of those is a Cleveland Grover Meredith arrested in D.C. for threatening the life of Speaker Pelosi. Meredith is identified as a man from Colorado who has been living in Telluride, which I believe is in the 3rd Congressional District. I'm not sure if he will admit to being a Democrat.

While she has called the resulting violence inexcusable, does this excuse her from her role, however menial, in fanning the flames of insurrection? There have been calls for her to resign but that's not likely. The best legal option is wait until 2022 by which time Ms. Boebert will no doubt provide her constituents with plenty of embarrassing fodder to give pause for her re-election.



Buckle up for a new administration

As in any good drama, it's the cover-up more than the crime that intrigues us. Donald Trump has been a good foil for Chinese involvement with U.S. citizens at the highest levels.

In the future, when all this is put in perspective, we will find this a dark time, and it won't be Donald Trump. Just enjoy this charade and don't put yourself unnecessarily in harms way.

Be true to your circadian rhythm in this time of lockdowns and buckle up. It's going to be draconian under the new administration. They have much to hide, so the pretense will be unforgiving. Don't let our liberties be frittered away.

Work through the system as much as possible and don't be an unwitting pawn of extremists as we've seen peaceful protesters become. We are ALL in this together.


Grand Junction

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