If we don't start trying to heal now,  we're doomed

As I read the letters today, I have to ask myself what is going on? For the past couple of months we have heard almost everything you can think of about voter fraud and stealing elections. We have had recount after recount after recount with the same results. I have to say, if the votes were fraudulent or not, the number of votes the systems are counting remain the same. As an American, I would like to see some serious investigation and recommendations to our Congress about how we can improve our election system to avoid unauthorized votes being counted in the future.

However, what I am seeing in the letters and articles are attacks on our very basic systems. Folks are demanding impeachments, resignations, and removal of our president and some lawmakers. I don't condone what happened in Washington DC on the 6th, but attacking each other is certainly not moving toward the possibility of healing between our two parties. Impeachment only requires a majority of the House to initiate. Is that what we are looking forward to? What happens when the other party takes control? Attacking newly elected politicians for being a politician is also wrong. We all have the right to free speech. Are we going to impeach or run out of office anyone that says something you don't like? Come on man.

We have a new administration coming into power in a couple days. We have the opportunity to bring our folks back together and become the America the world has experienced in the past. But, it will never happen if we continue to attack each other on a daily basis. We all enjoy the provisions of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights as our protection against a tyrannical government and guarantee of our basic rights. Now, all we need to do is figure out how to get along. We need to eliminate our extreme fringe groups on both sides and move together to re-establish our great country. Anarchy, mob rule, and extreme rioters must be replaced with those that do not support those ideals, regardless of party. If we don't we are doomed to the possibility of a government system without any freedoms.


Grand Junction

Seat of democracy isn't just some 'workplace'

In reading Rick Wagner’s 1/13/2021 column I wasn’t sure whether I was reading Rick or Alex Jones. He is right that if you gather enough people together without a plan in place something is almost certain to happen. Trouble is he neglected to include that Trump gathered these people to Washington. Trump then organized them and told them (his plan) to march on the Capitol and to be strong or they wouldn’t win, which was exactly the “message of the demonstration.”

Rick then somehow surmises that “our representatives” somehow excused riotous conduct in other cities, because they supported the purpose of the peaceful demonstrations taking place regarding how Blacks are treated in this country. A bit of a leap. I did not see these “representatives” stand before the crowds and send them to the Federal buildings.

Rick then goes on to insinuate that outrage over domestic terrorists invading our Capitol is simply our elected representatives feeling that their place of work is more important than someone’s pizza parlor. The Capitol is not just “their workplace.” It is OUR seat of democracy and all we hold sacred. Again, I know of no representative that says it is okay to destroy someone’s pizza parlor, but there is no comparison.

Rick then goes on to perpetuate the idea that the conspiracy theory regarding the election needs to be heard and the concerns alleviated. A lie told a thousand times does not make it true, nor give it credence. The concerns of these Trump supporters have been investigated, litigated several times and found without merit. How can fraud now be suddenly discovered where there is none and who is it that keeps perpetuating these lies? Our own President and his followers.

When Trump goes before cameras and incites a group of people to march on our Capitol for all to see, how can it be a “rush toward criminalizing the president”? What he did, what he has done, with the continuing lies regarding our election process and unwillingness to accept his loss, is criminal and against all this country’s founders envisioned. It certainly is not Presidential, thus a call to remove him.

I’ll leave the conspiracies regarding tech companies until another time.



Riot wasn't a case of just a few bad apples

OMG, in his Wednesday column ("Riot is the language of the unheard") Rick Wagner literally used a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. to justify the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection! This is a confoundingly cynical justification of lawlessness, delusion and the political demagoguery that produced it.

It's understandable that Wagner would like to dismiss the whole affair as the work of a few bad apples. But that's a tactic to misdirect attention from the fact that the president incited that mob to violence against the very seat of our government — and that there never would have been so many bad apples in Washington that day if the president hadn't stoked his followers through a campaign of lies and misinformation since the election.

People who continue to justify or minimize the events of Jan. 6, or make false moral equivalences with protests elsewhere in the country over police violence, are apologists for sedition.



Rioters aren't unheard — they're deceived

In his recent column, Rick Wagner got it wrong when he oversimplified the attack on Capitol Hill. The riot was not an act of people not heard. It was the act of people who have been bamboozled and deceived. They have been constantly poked, prodded and conditioned to believe in conspiracies and urged to swallow endless innuendos and half-truths. As Mitt Romney implored on the floor of the Senate last week, this group of needs to be told the truth for a change! Sadly, it's too late for that. A portion of the American population is now radicalized.



Trump lost a fair election

To my dear neighbors and friends who persist in displaying Trump election signs and flags: you are on the wrong side of history. You love your candidate and are proud of all he has accomplished in four years. I get that.

However, by refusing to acknowledge his loss in a free, fair and certified election, our president has brought our system of self-government to the brink of disaster. He has shouted and tweeted a big dangerous lie that the election was rigged and stolen, all evidence and court decisions and certifications by both political parties to the contrary. He did not win by a landslide. He lost by a lot of votes.

I will say this truth over and over until you get it. I will not argue about his character, his unfitness for the highest office in the land, or his insanity. I will only repeat the truth that our country held a free and fair election and Trump lost. I will say this truth until we can once again assure that our elected leaders are safe to do their jobs.

Take down your signs and flags and let’s get to work.


Grand Junction

There is no right to incite violence

To the American Public,

Please stop misquoting the US Constitution! The Second Amendment reads: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State the right of the people to keep and bears Arms, shall not be infringed.” It does not say you have the right to riot, loot and vandalize public and private property. The same with the First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peacefully to assemble and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” It does not say you have the right to incite violence and encourage a violent mob to loot and vandalize public and private property. Nor does it say you can threaten the lives of people who are trying to do their sworn duty and protect the United States and its citizens.

If you choose to riot, vandalize, loot and otherwise use violence, do not claim to do it under the guise of defending or protecting the Constitution.



Boebert has brought shame to the district and should resign

Lauren Opal Boebert was somehow elected to Congress in spite of her utterly nutty support for QAnon. She quickly disgraced our district and our state, flaunting her disregard for the city of Washington, DC by carrying a firearm. Just as recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, so too, is open carry. Recreational marijuana was legalized in DC in 2014. Just as in Colorado, the city government would not charge her for possessing marijuana. Carrying a firearm in DC, however, IS illegal. Our arrogant representative simply ignored that.

But Boebert outdid herself. During the assault on the Capitol Building, when lives of the House members and Vice President Pence were literally at risk, she tweeted, first "This is 1776," and later, "The Speaker has left the chamber."

First of all, NO, Ms. Boebert, you are referencing the wrong year, a year that began the colonists fight to govern themselves. The correct reference year is 1860, the year that the traitorous South began the Civil War.

Let me point out that if a death occurs in the process of committing a crime, the charge is murder. Did Ms. Boebert's tweeting make her a part of the odious crime committed on Wednesday, Jan. 6th, 2021? That is to be determined. However, as a citizen of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, this disgraceful woman is my congresswomen. She has brought shame to our district and to our state.

Sadly, there is no mechanism to recall a member of Congress. The people of the 3rd District should demand her resignation before she contributes to doing more harm.


Pagosa Springs

Libertarians to meet Jan. 15

Plato said that one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. Heeding Plato’s words, or perhaps social and mainstream media warnings, American voters set records in 2020. Unfortunately, the polarization in our current two-party system between Republicans and Democrats has stalled all progress and created unparalleled incivility nationwide. Objective thinking, moderation, compromise, or stepping outside party lines is an infraction worthy of nationwide derision from at least one party.

I encourage you to check out the Libertarian Party. The party platform is based on a respect for personal liberties and that the government’s job is to protect individual rights. The party is socially inclusive, advocates for governmental fiscal responsibility, and freedom of expression. It has 500,000 registered voters, over 1,000 of them in Mesa County, with 176 elected officials nationwide.

I think it is rare that a person agrees with every aspect of a party platform. I’m no different, but for me, the Libertarian platform agrees with my personal beliefs that our government is too big, too powerful, and individual rights are being trampled on many levels. Libertarians, plotting to take over the world and leave everyone alone.

The Mesa County Libertarian Party Development Group will ratify its bylaws Jan. 15 in its annual meeting and become an affiliate to the Colorado Libertarian Party. Those interested in the party or in attending the annual meeting can find information on the group’s Facebook page.


Grand Junction

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