Russia investigation must go to get to the truth

Yes we are in difficult times. But then when was there a time this was not true. Through war, depression, epidemics and so forth, we never suspended civil liberties. Yet the Republicans want to suspend the civil liberties of FBI agents. No one is free of political beliefs nor should they be. Are they manufacturing evidence? Are they giving false testimony? No, they are pursuing the truth. That is their duty.

An investigation is not a popularity contest. It is not an endorsement of any individual. Whether Trump has the majority of the voters is irrelevant to whether or not there was collusion with Russia. A concerned American would want to know the truth no matter who gets hurt. There is only one reason to block an investigation to avoid the truth.

The FBI investigated Martin Luther King, Jr. but there was no call by Republicans to shoot down the investigation. Guess what, the FBI came up with nothing. So why not let this investigation continue to a conclusion.



Russian ‘investment’ in election, if true, has paid handsomely

With the disarray of the world’s climate accord, the G7, NATO, a worldwide tariff war, constant cognitive dissonance, handing over of voter information to Cambridge Analytica through Facebook and Kobach’s  voter info harvest on the vote fraud committee, embracing of murderous tyrants like Duterte, Un, Erdogan, Putin and others while rejecting solid democratic leaders, the Russian investment in Trump’s election has been extremely successful and worth every penny.



Good riddance to an outdated congressman

Washington, D.C. seems farther away from western Colorado with each passing month of this administration. The policy agenda of President Trump caters directly to special interests who have nary an interest in us. Congressman Tipton has made it clear he is cut from the cloth. His is an outdated brand – avoiding the district, instead spending the majority of his time with donors, and fostering legislation that predominantly adds to his own personal wealth and enriches wealthy corporate shareholders. One example is his moving from the Agriculture Committee to Financial Services. Why would he do that?

Here in rural Colorado, we need a real representative, attuned to the needs of the hardworking families who call this place home. We – the ranchers and entrepreneurs and outdoor recreation job creators – are the backbone of the economy, and yet we are disregarded by our elected representative. Congressman Tipton continues to place our interests second, behind the special interests that fund his political aspirations. Tipton thinks he can make deals with wealthy donors and keep his district placated with platitudes and misleading propaganda.

Look no further than the new tax law to see this in action. Tipton tells us that the new tax code will decrease our tax burden, increase our paychecks, and create more jobs. In reality, very few Coloradans will benefit under this new law, and even fewer of us in rural Colorado. He benefited though, substantially.

Across the country, the 500 richest corporations are using the new law to increase the personal wealth of their CEOs and large shareholders. What they aren’t doing, or are barely doing, is increasing wages or creating more jobs. From the Trump Tax cuts, these companies have, collectively, spent $336 billion dollars on stock buy backs, compared to just $5.8 billion invested in employee bonuses or wage hikes, according to Americans for Tax Fairness. That’s less than 1 percent of the enormous corporate tax break given back to the workers! Walmart is a company both Trump and Tipton tout for its bonus program, but our leaders never mention that Walmart sliced 10,000 workers’ jobs that very same week.  

Let’s also take a look at health care. Congressman Tipton voted more than 50 times to repeal affordable health care. Thanks to the Trump Tax bill, he finally “won.” But what he sees he sees as success in that effort, we see as premium rate hike increases. Next year, we’ll see increases of up to $2,000 per year. The Trump agenda in Congress also includes substantially cutting Medicaid. Across his district, from Craig to Grand Junction to Pueblo and Durango, his constituents rely on Medicaid for access to health care. Undermining the health-care system puts lives at risk. Congressman Tipton cannot claim to represent our best interests when his votes are directly leading to loss of coverage and increased health care expenses.

Sabotage, moneyed special interests, and double speak are the ways of outdated politicians. If Congressman Tipton started wearing double-breasted suits, I’d think he really had just stepped out from the past.

In 2018, we have the benefit of experience and we shouldn’t be hoodwinked by misleading promises for benefits that will never reach us.  That’s why I say, “good riddance to an outdated congressman.” We deserve better.


Grand Junction

Trump plays to racial fears

Trump is merely a skillful, manipulative "gaslighter" and con artist who intentionally appeals to our worst inner qualities because he believes that this is who and what 51 percent of us are. Namely angry, lonely, fearful, bitter, resentful, and spiteful cold-hearted haters, some of whom fear projections that one day more than 50 percent of the USA population will be non-white. He plays all of us for fools and suckers because he does not believe most of the stupid things that he cleverly spoons out to us.

Get it?  It's all an ACT.  Some of us have fallen for his ACT. He must laugh at us every day, both his supporters as well as his critics. At least the ones who think he is sincere.


Rochester, New York

Tips to survive the Trump era of American history

To whom it may concern:

If you are feeling nearly helpless as a result of paying attention to the actions of the President of the United States, you are not alone. There are a few ways to make yourself feel better yet it's hard to say how much better.

1. Ignore all sources of information that cover current events. This takes quite a bit of effort as you can no longer look at this newspaper or tune into most TV channels. Even Fox news cannot hide the sour taste exhibited by the POTUS with seemingly endless layers of sugarcoating. Avoid the radio unless you have XM radio with only music channels.

2. Avoid most human interaction. Slip past your neighbors by leaving your home late at night or by wearing a disguise. Chances are they are tortured by the same reality and can't help but slip up and spill their guts about their distress concerning the country. If those neighbors are die-hard 45 admirers, their uninformed and disingenuous attempts to make you feel better may necessitate some anti-nausea medication which will only make things worse when you have to visit the doctor and spend all your savings because health insurance is not only unaffordable, but is unlikely to be unavailable in the near future for all but the wealthiest people who got a great tax reduction to help them pay for it.

3. Skip going to work because that would likely violate rule number 2 and put you at a high risk of uncompensated overtime pay and injury due to the conservative dream of a dog-eat-dog society free from regulatory oversight that ruins the portfolios of CEOs and stockholders who can barely afford that fifth vacation home in the Bahamas.

4. Stay out of the sun and try to lessen breathing as much as possible. The fake climate change thing can cause heat exhaustion and sunburn and the rollback of unneeded environmental regulations might make the air so appetizing to breathe that you will get too much and overdose on the non-existent pollutants that silly scientists have tried to scare you about. Besides that you can't afford the doctor anyway.

5. Avoid billboards in Texas and north Delta, Colorado that celebrate the virtues of Mr. T and threaten anyone who disagrees with a war or personal injury. Again you cannot afford the nausea medication or doctor care required in case you survive the wrath of militia groups that are now emboldened due to pardons that encourage the destruction of the old U.S. government that has controlled entirely too many national monuments and forests that would be better managed by oil and mining companies.

6. Last but not least , quit going to church. Not because there is anything wrong with going there but because you may become very confused and distraught at how all the stuff they taught you there when you were a kid is wrong. Our president has led by example, following in the footsteps of Jesus by cheating on his wives, worshipping money and turning away refugees and small children at the border of the U.S. He even has a really religious guy as his VP who proves that you can succeed in life by not ever being in the presence of a woman who's not your wife when your wife's not there. He also has shown that hypocrisy is always forgiven by God no matter how often it is displayed.

I hope this helps.



Questions reveal gaps in public safety

I don’t have the answers for ways to increase safety in public places, but I do have questions:

• Why do we have to go through intense screening before boarding an airplane, but no screening before boarding a train?

• How is it possible to walk into a Las Vegas gambling casino with a full backback, and face no metal detector or search of the backpack (there’s better security at the Las Colonias amphitheater).

• In the wake of the recent newspaper shooting in Maryland, why would a newspaper fail to install a locked door at the entrance of the newsroom, requiring a visitor to be screened before the visitor is allowed into the newsroom? (As an example, I worked at a Florida TV station which installed a locked door to the newsroom, but only after a woman with a gun walked into the newsroom studio).

• If such a screening device makes sense for an airport or a newspaper, why do companies neglect to install such devices at their grocery stores, movie theaters, book stores or car dealerships?

• Are we concerned with preventing violent attacks, or merely concerned with reacting to them after the fact?


(not the Public Trustee)

Grand Junction

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