Concentration camps?

I would like to respond to Sean Goodbody’s column of Tuesday, June 27 that child detention should be a shock to everyone. I was shocked. Shocked by Mr. Goodbody’s lack of caring for his own countrymen.

Mr. Goodbody begins by answering his own question of why these immigrants want to come here; with, “it’s a place where freedom and justice reign." No, the answer is simple. They come for all the free stuff like welfare, health care, education, etc. Provided to them by the taxpayers of the United States.

I was appalled to read why Mr. Goodbody felt the U.S. taxpayer is obligated to help these people. True enough the U.S.’s massive demand for prohibited drugs creates a lucrative black market, but why shouldn’t the people making money on the black market be responsible for their people and their country? Next, I was flabbergasted to find out the U.S. government has intervened 41 times to change governments in Latin America. I wonder who was president in 2009 during the Honduran coup? Still, my question is why does this obligate the U.S. taxpayer? I am astonished by Mr. Goodbody’s third reason. We are obligated because it is mandated by our religious beliefs? Why are the Democrats refusing to provide any money to deal with the situation down on our southern border?

Have there been times in the past where American citizens were rounded up and held in camps? Yes, even call them concentration camps if you wish. It is easy to see these as wrongs from the prism of the future, but if you lived at a time of war these might have seemed necessary at the time. The difference between what is happening now is that the illegal aliens are breaking into our country and are not citizens that already live here.

How much taxpayer money is being spent to pay for the illegals' welfare, health care, education, our judicial system, etc? Why shouldn’t the needs of the U.S. taxpayer come first? Who personally would allow many people to break into your house, take up residence in one of your rooms, and then find out that you’re are responsible for all of their needs because they make your beds for you? Shocking indeed.


Grand Junction

Thanks to all involved in Fourth tradition on monument

It's great to see the flag fly above Independence Monument every Fourth of July to honor our nation's independence and the memory of John Otto. It's also good that today's organizers of the event invite the active participation of others. But by the time Jose Iglesias became involved, it was already an established annual tradition. Credit belongs to Bob Fisher, a local businessman, K.C. Baum, a geologist and climber, and Rick Smith, at the time a Grand Junction fireman. They first approached the National Park Service in 1991 and asked permission to raise the Stars and Strips atop Independence Monument on the eightieth anniversary of Otto's first July Fourth flag raising. The NPS approved and, if memory serves, gave them a flag with the understanding that it would be removed in timely fashion after the Fourth and surrendered for acquisition into the monument's museum collection. The men who first honored Otto eventually passed the reins to others, and the tradition lives on. Thanks to all involved, past and present.



We live in ignorance and denial

Knowledge of sex and guns and parenting are taboo. Education is off limits. Mores are not inter-generational. Questions are rhetorical about what went wrong when the news is full of mass shootings, child abuse, and child exploitation. We are living in a time of our own making, in ignorance and denial.

No wonder people question American values. As an example of ignorance and denial, Colin Kaepernick, the ex football star, is making uninformed, but heartfelt expressions regarding the colonial flag... that Nike put on the heel of a shoe. He claims the flag is racist.

In an editorial cartoon by Gamble of July 4th, the founders are gathered around a desk where the moderator says: “No... we cannot include free health care, free college tuition, free everything for everybody... because that is not what this county was founded on!” (Not to mention freed slaves.) In other words, people who condemn history, don't know history and love to judge it in relative terms.

Take Evert Everett Hale's fictional account of Philip Nolan, who renounces his country during a trial for treason and is consequently sentenced to spend the rest of his days at sea without so much as a word of news about the United States... a man without a country.

So is Kaepernick a patriot or a traitor? Neither, he's just ignorant. Is he kneeling to God in lieu of saluting the flag? He's making Nike a prostitute by their own choosing, to pull the shoes with the colonial flag icon. Follow the money.

Has treason become so common, that people do not have to spend the rest of their days at sea without so much as a word about the United States? They can now stay at home in ignorance and denial. Shameful “un-education”.


Grand Junction

Democrats are becoming the Abortion Party

When I think of the Democratic Party, the first thing that comes to my mind is abortion. This has become the litmus test for Dems and it seems all the Democratic candidates for POTUS try to one up each other in extremism.

The Dems make themselves out to be pro-woman, but if you do your research, you will find out that abortion and pro-woman are incompatible. Father Frank Pavone (National Director of Priests for Life) says this very thing and would ask you to read the testimonies of those who have been through abortion and the heartache it has caused them. One visit to should convince you that abortion hurts women. You will actually read testimonies of those who are suffering.

But do the Dems pay attention to this? No chance! It's like they are telling us that abortion is good for women. So if you are one of those suffering from a past abortion, go to or for healing information. These groups are pro-woman in that they actually help women avoid pain, while the Dems bring them to pain!


Prairie Village, Kansas

Fake news morphs into stupid news

President Trump has stated, actually read (or if you accept his account, misread) that the Continental Army "took over the airports" from the British Army during the American Revolutionary War.

This statement should keep cartoonists, comedians and letter writers busy for a long time but what are the real concerns about this 'misspeak'? First, anyone can misread something but generally they realize their obvious error and say so without elaborate explanations although it could have been there on the teleprompter. If it was there, then no professional speech writer was involved although the complexity of some of the language suggests someone else wrote it.

This is not a matter of fake news, or one of the now over 10,000 "false or misleading" claims that the Washington Post Newspaper has counted, this is just plain stupid news. The real issue with this single item is the number of people who won't know the difference since although people claim great pride in their history, they actually know little of it and less of a timeline of when events happened. As a science teacher I had an activity where I gave students a jumbled list of inventions and dates and swiftly found that few students had any idea of the progression of human discoveries. Although they were young, they did not know of a pre-internet time nor could they comprehend what it was like and as for black-and-white TV this was almost inconceivable even though soon TV may be a forgotten memory as will newspapers for all.

History teachers should be starting their own revolution, rather than telling of previous ones and breaking the internet to establish what has happened, when, where and what they consequences were then and now. There is also the view of Edmund Burke, "Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it." It is difficult to see what will happen with fake news stories and now stupid news stories and how they will be remembered in the future.

The next challenge for history is to properly celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and convince the doubters that it did actually happen. Don't worry about planting the American flag on Mars Mr President when there is so much to be done on protecting this planet and its fragile environment as well as the people on it including the number who want to get into America, not just American cells.

Learn what happened and tell the truth always. It shouldn't be that hard to do.


Melbourne, Australia

What's wrong with this picture?

The fictional Duke boys could leave their Hazzard County, Georgia and stop over in Greenbo, Alabama and pick up Forrest Gump, then stop in Jackson, Mississippi and give a ride to a poor hitchhiking mother and child. Then all adults could legally smoke toxic tobacco until their Grand Junction, Colorado destination with no problem. But, they would get stopped in Boulder and written up for not wearing their seatbelts. Isn't something wrong with this non-fictional child abuse scenario?



Trump's 'salute' was a campaign event financed by taxpayers

So using the U.S. military as a prop for a campaign event financed by all U.S. taxpayers (which excludes Trump) is fine? Extolling enrollment in a military not just Donald Trump but all of his family going back 150 years avoided is fine? It is not fine to me nor the majority of Americans. Perhaps Paul Currie- Mills would feel more at home in say, North Korea with Trump's BFF, Kim Jung Un. Fellow despots such Muduro, Putin love the military that is subjected to their will and not that of the people. For King and country? We rejected that with the first 4th of July.



Stop the National Popular Vote law!

You have just a few more days to sign the petition to bring the National Popular Vote law to Colorado’s voters.

In 2016, as in all the previous years of Colorado’s existence, Colorado’s electors voted for the presidential candidate who won the most votes in Colorado. In 2019, Colorado’s Democrat-controlled Legislature passed, and the governor signed, a bill that would instead give Colorado’s electoral votes to the presidential candidate who got the most votes nationwide. (This new procedure would only occur if sufficient states agreed to adopt this method.)

This means that Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, and a few other cities would control the election of our presidents because they have the most votes. States’ rights and states’ power would be diminished.

There is a petition circulating to bring this change of law to a vote of the people. If you would like to preserve the electoral college as it has been for over 200 years, please take the time to sign this petition.

To sign a petition, please visit or contact me as soon as possible.



What kind of racket are the Dems wanting to run?

In the news in the Daily Sentinel and other sources, the Democrats' agenda is to give free health care and to some degree free college money and to make jobs like restaurant work and other like jobs to be career-paying employment. No one will be able to afford to eat out anymore.

Then you have the environmentalists who must don't want any natural resources development, which these jobs in the past have paid into the government assistance programs from workers' taxes, so people who will not work for a living can live and complain about industry. I'm not willing to pay more taxes for unproductiveness.


Grand Junction

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