Community Center will be an asset to old and young

As recently stated by Sue Springer and Joanna Little, a Community Center is an investment in our own community and our youth and families. Over the past 30 years, national research on the prevention of delinquency, substance abuse, dropping out of school and teen pregnancy has consistently stated that communities need to value their youth. We do that by providing opportunities for youth to constructively use their time, to participate in organized activities and to be exposed to positive adult role models. Clearly the Community Center will be an asset to young and old and will make us a better community.


Grand Junction

Dark money hurts democracy

A nonpartisan issue that we should all agree on is the need for campaign finance reform. It helps me in deciding how to vote on issues and candidates, to know who is funding their campaigns. I want to weigh that along with their positions and pros and cons of issues. For example, if a measure to increase our taxes is being paid for by someone who will benefit, I want to know that before I vote.

Dark money is used to make false ads, with no ways for anyone to be accountable and for voters not to know who is behind the ads. In the most recent election, $82 million was spent in Colorado, almost all by big corporations or hard-to-trace donors. More than three fourths came from donations of over $100,000.

Those big corporations and secret dark money committees need to disclose their donations just like candidates must.

Fortunately, Colorado’s secretary of state is aware that our individual votes are drowned out by secret campaign spending. Secret spending hurts our democracy, makes people wonder why bother to vote, and makes us all lose faith in our government.

Voters need to have the facts before they vote. Our state needs to pass good campaign finance laws that let us know where funding comes from. Only then can we make informed choices.


De Beque

Socialist redistribution of wealth is evil

President Lincoln at his second inauguration attacked the evil of slavery by stating, it is evil to earn your bread by wringing sweat from the brow of workers.

Isn't this exactly what the socialist wing of the Democratic Party proposes to do if they gain power? Take money from the workers and give to those who don't work.

If one gives money to the poor in charity, it is a good thing.

If the government uses force to take money from its citizens, that is evil and will lead to the use of more force.


Grand Junction

Who will pay for Democrats' scheme? Not them

In a news report, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is warning — if not threathening — to make a list of moderate Democrats who voted with Republicans on some things.

These Democrats could lose their positions if she gets her way. This sounds like the start of a Mafia-style government that she wants to create. Whomever is allowing this kind of behavior needs to be removed . Years ago the Democratic Party was a good party which stood up for the working class people. They fought for a fair pay from the large, high-profit, rich corporations like G.M, Ford, General Electric, C.F.I Steel and others that could afford to pay good money and benefits . But you had to work for these things and show up at the job. Nowadays the Democrats are promoting a paycheck and health insurance for everyone including those who do not want to work. There are plenty of those around. The massive amount of money to pay for this has to come from the working people. They claim the rich will provide the money by the high taxes on them. All those Democrats that are proposing all this, are rich by millions of dollars themselves. They will find some way not to pay the taxes they are proposing, I'm sure.


Grand Junction

Accommodating growth hurts the ecology

I wondered why Cresthaven Acres left six foot tall tree trunks, the remains of mature and beautiful trees? It's because the devastation isn't over. They will be used to grab hold and tear out the rest of the tree, roots and all.

Is there a bright side? Perhaps saving 300 gallons of water a day aspired into the atmosphere by the trees is a plus. Saving this water however is misguided conservation. This water will be used to sustain more growth which will entail removing more trees, grass and other vegetation which consume water. Disregard the fact that our atmosphere is currently being used as a cesspool for our waste including carbon dioxide, and that the vegetation that we destroy in the name of growth and progress purifies the air and water. It replenishes them with oxygen which we all need to stay alive. This kind of growth is a dangerous destructive spiral which we do not have the wisdom to avoid.

It would seem that intelligent developers and government planners would leave something so beautiful, a natural enhancement, and would design around it to preserve it.

My heart goes out to Nancy Taylor who at age 86 must spend her remaining years in heartbreak.


Grand Junction

Welcome to leadership, Cory Gardner

Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colorado, announced at CPAC that he is co-founding the bicameral Roosevelt Conservation Caucus to develop market-based solutions to environmental problems. I applaud his leadership. Faced with a daunting challenge like climate change, we need strong voices, bold vision, and thoughtful policy proposals from across the political spectrum.

For too long, Republicans in Congress have ceded the issue to Democrats, creating an imbalance as Americans seek out politically and economically viable solutions. Lack of robust Republican engagement has also created a leadership vacuum as young conservatives worried about climate change seek a trustworthy and welcoming political home base for the fight of their lives.

Conservation is a conservative value. Teddy Roosevelt showed us that a hundred years ago. Now Cory Gardner takes up his mantle. Welcome to the fray, Senator. Welcome to leadership.


Citizens' Climate Lobby


A silver lining in the age of internet privacy concerns

My wife and I recently returned home to Grand Junction after spending most of February in Tucson.

Going thru the stacked up phone messages one stood out from the rest.

This message was from a lady in Aurora informing us that she was in possession of a document, a U.S. Marine Corps Honorable Discharge and DD-214 form, that she thought might belong to me.

It was, in fact, my long lost Honorable Discharge that has been missing for some 44 years, going back to to 1975.

At the time we rented a condo in south east Denver and in March of that year I was promoted by my company and transferred to southern California.

It was during this move that the document was lost, having apparently fallen behind a drawer and overlooked.

We spent a year in southern California and were transferred yet again, this time back east to Connecticut.

With all the moving many of our boxes were left unpacked and it was assumed that my Honorable Discharge was in one of those boxes.

At some point in this interval the new tenant, the Aurora lady, living in our former rental condo in Denver, found my Honorable Discharge papers.

However, back in those days we didn’t have Google search so the papers were set aside or filed away.

Like many people I’m not comfortable with all the data collected, mostly from public sources, on Individuals (including myself) that exists out there in cyber-space.

In this instance my somewhat unusual name (hyphenated) and the fact my DD-214 form had my date of birth made the sleuthing somewhat easier.

To the extent my current address and telephone number, readily available on the internet, allowed this very nice lady in Aurora to contact me.

So there is a silver lining, of sorts, to all of this personal data available on Internet search engines.

My long lost U.S. Marine Corps discharge papers, in excellent condition, arrived in the mail today.


Grand Junction

Much hinges on Mueller investigation's findings

Bob Mueller's investigation is irrelevant because it's based on the FISA Court's Steele Dossier. It was bought by Clinton Foundation money.

If Mueller's investigation falls short, everything he releases is bogus. If Mueller's investigation gets it right, the shoe will be on the other foot.

The FISA judges were duped and therefore Mueller was given a fool's errand. If Mueller doesn't figure it out, the national conflict will escalate this Uncivil War for Accountability.


Grand Junction

Thanks to BOCC for supporting Nordic trails

Grand Mesa Nordic Council (GMNC) sincerely thanks the Mesa County commissioners for their recent grant of Conservation Trust Fund monies in support of the Nordic Council’s trail grooming operations at Skyway and County Line ski areas.

GMNC is a non-profit organization formed in 1990 by local people who love to participate in Nordic sports on the Grand Mesa. The core of its mission is grooming and maintaining 31 miles of cross-country ski trails on Grand Mesa for public use. These trail systems — open to the public without trail fees — foster an appreciation of the outdoors while improving the health of our local communities.

GMNC operates under a special use permit issued by the U.S. Forest Service. GMNC relies entirely on voluntary memberships, contributions, and grants to cover annual operating costs. We are grateful to County Commissioners Scott McInnis, John Justman, and Rose Pugliese for their support of our funding needs for the 2018-2019 winter season (for more info about GMNC, go to


President, Grand Mesa Nordic Council

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