The 'party of liars' deserves to die

Phyllis Hunsinger’s 750-word polemic (“Is the Republican Party dead?”, Nov. 10) is a witch’s brew of toxic ingredients.

While Phyllis concedes that “the short answer is yes, her explanation omits the fact that the gradual shrinkage of the traditional Republican Party was prompted by its increasing reliance on covert “dog-whistles”, and has now become an overtly racist personality cult.

Hunsinger conveniently forgets that the “organic tea party movement” that she still reveres was fueled by lies – about the ACA “stealing” billions from Medicare, a government “takeover” of health care (rather than reform of the predatory health insurance industry), and, of course, “death panels.” Fortunately, “[w]hen they had the majority under President Trump”, one true patriot — John McCain — stood against them.

“The Republican platform always included reducing regulations [that protect clean water and air], limiting the size and scope of government [except DOD], fiscal responsibility [when Democrats are in power], reducing taxes [for the wealthiest], and “reforming” immigration [to preserve it as a divisive campaign issue]”. In 2020, the Party had no formal platform at all – only what Trump said/tweeted it was at any given moment.

Conversely, Hunsinger’s critique of “the typical Republican politician” was nowhere more apt than in the 3rd C.D. when it was “represented” by Scott Tipton, who habitually lied to his opponents and supporters alike (while enjoying their contributions) – a tradition that Lauren Boebert may continue.

Contrary to Hunsinger’s opinion, there is no evidence that “Trump unabashedly loves America” [only himself], “believes in the goodness of America as founded” [but not in its laws and Constitutional traditions], and/or ‘knows the average middle-class working citizen is what makes this country great” [but brazenly fleeces them anyway, knowing how susceptible they are to his ongoing con].

While “Never Trumpers” knew that Trump “stood for” no principles [other than personal aggrandizement] at all — much less “for the same principles as the Republican Party had espoused for decades”, the mirage-like MAGA “message” resonated” with disenchanted gullibles, but begged the question of what “great” meant and when that was – thereby allowing the ignorant and uniformed to fuel the con with their own false expectations.

Finally, Hunsinger apparently couldn’t resist throwing in a dash of “lurch to the left”, “socialist agenda,” and “the Marxist doctrine of the Democratic Party” for good measure.

With Trump’s incompetence killing 1000+ Americans daily, the Party of Liars deserves to die.


Grand Junction

It's time to unite and save lives

I truly appreciate all of the people who are wearing a mask to protect themselves and others. It is now time to unite our community to get rid of this terrible COVID pandemic so we can move forward safely.

I understand that some people feel it is taking their freedom away. I get it! This is NOT a freedom issue; it is a pandemic that is killing thousands of people and we must come together to get rid of it in our community also. If we all use masks around people and avoid large get-togethers, we can minimize the number of folks getting COVID and save lives. Too many have died; how many more need to die before we realize that we are causing those unnecessary deaths. Do we risk our grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters and children because masks are not used because you feel it takes your freedom away? What about those who are doing the right thing; what about their freedom? Do people deserve to die because others just want to protect their own freedoms? Do people deserve to have their mom, dad or other relatives or friends die?

We must work together to get rid of the virus so our businesses, jobs, schools, and community can move forward safely.

Having your freedom should not mean we lose lives over wearing a damn mask! It is time to unite and save lives; not divide and die.


Grand Junction

The trashing of the president

Why the president's supporters will not own up to his lies — what news outlet do they watch? There appears to be plenty of information coming out on how this election is covered with fraud. Why was the vaccine information not put out before the election? Because they did not want a win for the president. Why are the Democrats constantly blaming the President for this? It was China that unleashed this on the world, why not complain to them?

Now to the 200,000 plus deaths this is not true and has been mentioned several times that the real count for COVID is around 20,000 t0 30,000 for actual deaths.

Guess your definition of peaceful protests include burning, looting, destroying property, attacking other folks Your definition is different than mine.

The election is not over until the legal votes are counted and any question on them are complete. So far even though it appears we have lost, which we really do not believe, there have been no riots, looting or burning.

For four years the Democrats thrown everything at our president because they lost and wanted to impeach him before he took office, and never stopped with lie after lie.

One last thing Joe Biden is not the president-elect until he is certified as such per the Constitution, not the news media.


Grand Junction

Farewell to the Trump administration

For the greater part of the USA, it is over. For others, the reality of the results will probably fall into the realm of “birthers.” That fictitious fairy tale land where clicking ones heels together and twirling three times will change reality into whatever fits them. The land of Trump and Boebart…. If I believe it, then whatever “it” is, is so. Send dollars to Trump to fight what proud Americans have stood for and unless over $8,000, they go in his PAC.

My heart goes out to all of you who can’t come to grips with these presidential election results. Many of us on the winning side this time, suffered this exact same heartache four years ago. The difference, we who lost four years ago, believed in the electoral system then and accepted the voting results – though it took some time.

We stood then, and do so now, with America, not an authoritarian ruler. We understand life doesn’t come out the way we want all the time – my daddy (he of the Greatest Generation) said a person does a lot of things they don’t want to. He said a truly mature person accepts that and moves on.

Many of us today feel relief. The relief we finally have leadership that includes all Americans, not just the rich. Someone who has empathy for those less fortunate. Someone who believes America is a land for all, no matter their skin color or religion or gender or whatever. Welcomes anyone who sacrifices and not advance themselves on the back of others.

Someone who understands life is not always fair and people need a hand — maybe not for their entire life, but to get the oxcart out of the ditch. Someone who understands many try to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, only to have someone cut those self-same straps. Understanding we are our brother's keeper. Come Jan. 20, 2021, we will finally have someone leading us that puts America first, not their own narcissistic schemes. Someone who doesn’t live by Twitter alone.

We have confidence in this new president; confidence in those that counted the ballots and did so honestly and proudly and unwaveringly. Confidence a new and better America is on the horizon.

We will finally get to utter those words that will make that happen – BYE DON!


Grand Junction

Sit back and relax

Well, Election Day is over, but determining the results may go on for a while. I would like to remind readers that the ‘hanging chad’ recount and legal battles in just one state, Florida, went on for 37 days before Al Gore conceded to George W. Bush in 2000. We all, I hope, want to have not just a result but an honest result, and that should not be rushed.

In the meantime, the mainstream media has crowned Biden as president-elect and Biden has assumed that role. Please remember that at this point, a president-elect has not been certified. So let’s just sit back and let the system work as it should. In using legal reviews and processes, President Trump is not doing anything that other candidates have not done.

Congratulations to all of the winners. I hope that you will serve with the best interests of the nation, its sovereignty, its citizens, individual freedom, and our representative republic in mind.



Trump critics' memories are short

It’s too bad Ann Friedman didn’t follow up and ask her husband, Tom, if adultery was one of the Ten Commandments. He could have replied "yes, it’s #7," and then along with her initial question about lying, cited Bill “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky” Clinton and gotten two broken commandments in one reply.

Has there ever been a President with a longer nose than Clinton (and first lady Hillary)? It’s funny how Friedman and the rest of The Daily Sentinel’s contributors, almost exclusively from The New York Times and Washington Post, have such short memories or are complete hypocrites. In addition to the scribes on your Commentary page, all of your news articles outside of the immediate area come from Associated Press, a left-leaning source whose journalists can’t resist inserting a nasty dig whenever mentioning President Trump in any news article. And this is what’s offered to an audience made up of 2:1 conservatives in Mesa County?


Grand Junction

Politicians only care about self-preservation

I figured right now this letter is appropriate for one and all.

Politicians Creed

The following is the POLITICIANS creed for one and all no matter the party or association.

1) Thou shat say whatever or do whatever it takes to get thyself elected.

2) Never ever tell the truth for that shows weakness.

3) And once elected always make sure that those who contributed the most money to your election get preferential treatment ahead of your own constituents.

4) And always make sure that those that voted for you will be the ones you steal the most money from.

5) And for those seniors, make sure that whatever you promise them will never take place in their lifetime..

6) And once elected make sure that you continue to get yourself reelected so you can continue to live off all us taxpayers as long as you can after all we are the suckers that elected you in the first place and will continue to do so...



Misinformation from the right will likely continue to grow

Thomas Friedman's "Only truth can save our democracy" in Thursday's Sentinel needs to be read by everyone, and his brilliant solution put to use. I had just finished the following letter when I saw his op-ed. (It is much better than my letter.)

Misinformation has always been available for the gullible, those choosing to be ill-informed, and those who simply can't accept reality. In the past, false information was called lies. Unfortunately, deceit has been legitimized by the person presently occupying America's highest position of authority. Understandable, as it is his greatest and possibly only skill.

For the past four years our country has had a habitual liar/con man at the helm. He has filled essential government positions with his unqualified loyalists to spread his lies for him, leaving America weak and vulnerable. There are video clips of him denying other video clips of him lying. Both of his campaigns were based on unfounded conspiracy theories (BS) and mischaracterizations (slander) about his opponents. He lied about his education, his success and his wealth, even about the size of his crowds. The list goes on ad-nauseum. You and I paid for his wall, not Mexico. You and I are paying the Chinese tariffs and the resulting billions of dollars in subsidies to American farmers. He is now lying about why he lost the election.

There is frequent evidence in this space that some obviously believe "If spoken with authority, it must be true," even if misleading (lying.) It is human nature to believe what one wants to believe, especially from authorities, even when the opposite is a proven fact.

Trump's lies have done more than divide this country. He has put the populace in danger and pain by first withholding pandemic facts and then providing and promoting inaccurate information. He is now promoting civil unrest and further division by denying the voter's mandates to elect Biden. Just another attempt to protect his fragile, immature ego.

Thankfully we will again have an adult in the White House in January. Honesty and experience, empathy and compassion, respectability and accountability, and devotion to our country will soon be back in our nation's highest office, and in the positions below it. Anyone who thinks that this soon-to-be-former president possessed any of the above honorable traits, or that these traits are unnecessary, is truly delusional.

It is too bad that "misinformation" will continue to spew from and be spread by those willing to ignore decency, those trying to disrupt unity. Fox News, right wing radio, and Republican leadership will not magically become factual, but will most likely become just more unethical.


Grand Junction

Vote Like a Coloradan

This November’s election has largely come and gone in Colorado. Though official certification of our ballots is pending, the race for most major candidates has been called. Those who lost have conceded and congratulated the winners. As voters mailed in their ballots or dropped them off in official ballot boxes, county election officials began processing them. In most cases, ballot boxes were distributed in multiple locations throughout each of our counties. Ballot counting began on Oct. 19, weeks before election day. Early ballot counting along with same day voter registration and in-person voting options gave Coloradans flexibility in how they voted. Though not perfect, this system has been built over decades under both Republican and Democratic administrations. A new online tracking program notifies Coloradans via email when their ballot was received and when it was counted. With this system, Coloradans have elected Cory Gardner, Michael Bennet, John Hickenlooper, and Lauren Boebert. In this election, Coloradans passed a family and medical leave program based on a new payroll tax at the same time they reduced the state income tax.

Each state creates its own election laws administered by each county. In Pennsylvania and Georgia, election officials may not begin counting mail-in or absentee ballots until election day. In Texas, the state legislature only allowed one drop-off ballot box per county (some counties are home to millions). Had Pennsylvania or Georgia officials been allowed to begin counting mail-in and absentee ballots on the day they arrived, the story of this election would have been flipped on its head: Biden would have been up at the start (Democrats urged their supporters to vote early with mail-in and absentee ballots) and Trump would have closed the gap over election day with in-person voting (Republicans urged their supporters to vote in person). Regardless, the final tallies would have been the same.

What would elections look like if all U.S. citizens voted like Coloradans? Voters would have flexibility: they would be able to vote early or on the day of election. Election officials would have more time to count ballots and voters would have more time to correct any errors on their ballots (like mismatched signatures). Votes would be counted when they arrived rather than waiting until election day for the mad rush and delayed results we have witnessed elsewhere.

Why do all US citizens vote not like Coloradans? Because their state legislatures have made it so, largely in the name of the red herring that is voter fraud. Time and time again Republican lawmakers point to voter fraud in their efforts to disenfranchise their constituents. They reduce early voting hours, they reduce polling locations, they make it harder to register to vote, and they purge voter registration roles requiring people to re-register. Let us be clear: in the modern era there is only one political party who at the state and national levels has been consistently pushing the falsehood that voter fraud is rampant and pervasive in their effort to limit people from registering and voting.

If Republican lawmakers and their supporters truly believe in a “marketplace of ideas” in which the politicians that support the best, most popular policies are elected into office, then they too would support a voting system like Colorado’s. Instead, in states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Texas and in the White House, Republicans point to the trumped up specter of voter fraud, non-citizens voting, and “illegal votes”. To this observer, Republicans are more interested in remaining in power through voter disenfranchisement rather than making their honest case to the voters. They would rather convince their supporters that a mass conspiracy is underway rather than make an argument for the policies they support. Meanwhile the coronavirus rages and nearly one quarter of a million are dead in the U.S. Meanwhile millions are still unemployed or have left the workforce because schools are shutdown. Meanwhile our children are being left behind. Dear media and fellow citizens: this is not a “political strategy”. It is undemocratic. What would our country look like if everyone could vote like a Coloradan?


Grand Junction

There are lies to be owned on both sides

In response to William Voss’s letter, Trump supporters will own up to the lies when the left owns up to the lies from Obama-Biden era and the lies about Biden's son Hunter. They have all of Joe Biden’s lies on tape, so why won’t you own up to the truth? You, Mr. Voss, need to look on your own side of the fence before criticizing those on the other side. The hypocrisy, just overwhelming, gives me a headache.


Grand Junction

Homeless shelter must do better

As a longtime local advocate for Grand Junction's homeless, I feel compelled to respond to the story about the COVID-19 outbreak at the Homeward Bound shelter. Who in the world puts a positive spin on a 33% infection rate?

Most homeless don't get to use the shelter. The shelter is taking in far fewer clients, due to social distancing. No churches stepped up to provide overflow shelter. Going into winter,in a global pandemic, in an economic depression, deprivation is ravaging the valley today. Far more homeless, far fewer resources. Perhaps the executive director is satisfied and comfortable in his situation, but the ground-truth is bleak, getting bleaker. Homeward Bound is not just the only shelter within 200 miles, it's the largest in the state to receive ZERO regular funding from its home community.


Grand Junction

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