Tipton, lacking accomplishments, instead hypocritically attacks

After eight years warming a bench in Washington DC, that followed years in the Colorado state house, to hear Rep. Scott Tipton's campaign attack his opponent, Diane Mitsch Bush, as a “career politician” reeks of the most rank pile of desperation.

One would think that after nearly a decade drawing pay from the taxpayers in Colorado’s Third Congressional District, which he has been privileged to represent for so many years, Tipton would have some accomplishments to run on.

After all, he has drawn well over a million dollars in public pay. He has also raked in lots of out-of-state cash for this campaigns — from Texas oil companies and the Koch Brothers among others, whose interests may not align with western Coloradans. Here we are more worried about spiking health care costs, water shortages, and protecting our great outdoors. We wonder what Mr. Tipton will do to address these issues and to support our viable economic future, not simply tag along with the anti-environmental caucus to stump for boondoggles like “oil shale.”

Despite all that dark money and special interest cash propping him up, Tipton isn’t telling voters what he has done. What has all that tax-funded pay Tipton has lived off of these many years as a politician brought to western Colorado? And what does Tipton plan to do to continue having We-the-People sign his checks?

All I see from the Tipton campaign are shrill and unhinged attacks. In one mailer he even calls his opponent a “socialist” for her support of a well-established magazine. Tipton comes across not as a leader but as desperate and entitled. He’s spent so much time among DC-insiders and lobbyists that he has lost touch with the Western Slope. We have a remedy for that in the United States, and Tipton should not just expect to keep skating by.

It's time to clean house. We deserve to have someone in Congress who will fight for us, not just kowtow to party “leadership” and service his campaign donors. Let’s bring Scott back to Colorado. I’m voting for Diane Mitsch Bush.



Electric vehicles make a splash at downtown auto show

This year’s Fuoco Ford’s classic downtown auto show added a new dimension to its beautifully displayed vintage cars and trucks. The addition was Electric Avenue featuring electric and hybrid vehicles. Benita Phillips talked me into entering our Chevrolet Volts into this section. Hers was a Volt 2012, mine a Volt 2017. We looked forward to parking side-by-side showcasing the two cars and explaining the rapidly advancing changes in hybrid technology.

On the morning of the event, I drove up Main Street in my beautiful, mist green Volt cleaned and polished inside and out courtesy of Ed Bozarth Chevrolet. Turning into Electric Street, and backing up next to Benita’s shining 2012 Volt, we smiled and proudly prepared to wow the audience with the Volts’ Energy Efficiency. For example, my monthly Chevrolet analysis: 81 mpg; Electric Consumption: kW-hr/100 miles; Electric Miles: 382; Gas Miles: 88; Total Miles: 469; Percentage on Electric: 81%; Estimated Gallons of Fuel Saved: 18 gal; Estimated CO2 Avoided: 346 lbs.

Alas, our beloved Volts were overshadowed by other new technologies. On my left side was parked a Tesla X. Periodically, the owner opened and closed the back doors which arose vertically and appeared like a giant bird ready for flight. Music spilled from the high quality speakers and the front headlights flashed on and off as if in time with the music. Three or four other Tesla’s vied for attention.

Across from the Tesla X was a beautiful low-slung dark maroon Miata convertible. The owner had painstakingly rebuilt the engine into an all electric marvel. At the end of the street was a square-like black Atlasta SolarFuel Economy: nuke 4 door car powered by solar panels! The showstopper, however, was the self-driving vehicle that, hourly, propelled itself up and down the street, forward and backward; no person in the car.

In an effort to draw attention to our Volts, Benita pulled people toward her car with the surprising statement, “Did you know this car engine was developed by women?” And, she explained the unique hybrid nature of the car. I, on the other hand, waited until the Tesla showed off its wings, music and flashing lights, and yelled, “My car does not fly, or flash lights, BUT IT IS AFFORDABLE!"

To sum up the car show with an old phrase, “It was a hoot.” What will next year bring?


Grand Junction

Birds of a feather smear together

Kudos to Vicki Maddox for “calling out” Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton’s “appalling” resort to a despicably dishonest “smear campaign” against his Democratic opponent, Jared Polis. Of course, from “Smearer-in-Chief” Trump on down, Stapleton is not the only Republican who routinely relies on such “desperate measures.”

Consider the glossy mail-outs from incumbent 3rd C.D. “Representative” Scott Tipton that are currently flooding the Grand Valley. As an original “Tea Party” Republican, Tipton actually “has a radical record of extreme policies that [have actually and still] HURT COLORADO FAMILIES” and “wants to take [that] extreme agenda [back] to Washington, D.C. and work with [Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and the Freedom Caucus] to MOVE OUR COUNTRY FURTHER [RIGHT AND BACKWARDS].”

Consequently, Tipton resorts to “scare tactics” about what Diane Mitsch Bush and her like-minded colleagues will do to repair the “carnage” Tipton and his ilk have inflicted.

Tipton smears Diane as being a “socialist” because she subscribed to an award-winning monthly journal that “investigates alleged corporate and government wrongdoing, covers international affairs, . . . and regularly reports on labor, economic and racial justice movements, environmental issues, feminism, grassroots democracy, minority communities, and the media”. No wonder Tipton is so deathly afraid of it and her!

Tipton accuses Diane of “adding more stress to your family” by supporting a “higher vehicle registration tax” (to help pay for maintaining the roads and bridges those vehicles use) and “income tax” (only on the highest earners) to help pay for better K-12 education in Colorado — both of which will actually reduce undue “stress” on average Coloradoans. Apparently, Tipton prefers to endanger his constituents by allowing our roads and bridges to further deteriorate and would sacrifice our kids’ futures on the altar of more “tax cuts.”

“As rural Colorado continues to struggle with” Tipton-supported cuts to Food Stamps, to Extended Unemployment Benefits, and to the Children’s Health Insurance Program, Tipton — after voting more than 60 times to repeal/replace/defund the Affordable Care Act and then lying about his vote to “shut down the government” on September 30, 2013) — is still lying about a “government takeover of our healthcare,” still wants to deprive his constituents of access to affordable health insurance, and is still fear-mongering and thereby “undercutting” the peace of mind of thousands of Colorado “seniors who rely on Medicare.”

Diane Mitsch Bush will do much better than that.


Grand Junction

Trump and oil lobby make Proposition 112 seem reasonable

I have a hard time deciding how to vote on Proposition 112. One only has to remember the many News stories of houses being blown up and inhabitants killed by oil and gas line explosions, to believe that a 2,500-foot setback for normally occupied buildings should be a no-brainer. The oil and gas industry, instead of offering a sensible compromise solution, such as 2,500-foot setback from just occupied buildings, instead suggested Amendment 74, so that the TAXPAYERS (you and I) have to pay them for any oil/gas they might miss by obeying ANY federal or state law. This amendment would allow anyone to file a claim for anything that zoning — or any other law — prohibits them from doing. Other states have tried this law, and after taxpayers paid billions in claims from all sorts of people and companies, the voters rescinded the law in the next election. Amendment 74 is opening your pocketbook for anyone to pick.

So, back to Proposition 112. I wouldn’t support it — except for all the environmental regulation rollbacks that have been pushed through by the Trump administration. Can you imagine methane burn offs 24/7 outside your home or school - 500 feet away? The roll back of lead and mercury regulations where your children are playing? Allowing coal ash to be poured into the rivers and streams that feed your irrigation system? The wholesale sell-off and leasing of public lands to the oil and gas industry — regardless of protections put in place for those lands by We The People? I’m afraid the oil and gas industry, in bed with the Trump Administration, will not protect a single American, if it means a penny of profit loss to them.

Time to switch to renewable energy anyway.



Independents hold the key to democracy

The current Supreme Court appointment of Brett Kavanaugh by Trump has been a major drama played out in Congress for the past several months. This is one of the best examples of how the two major parties have reduced Congress and the White House to a bunch of drama kings and drama queens. This is why we need numerous Independents in Congress. There should be at least three Independent or unaffiliated candiates on the Supreme Court to bring a balanced approach to the nation's highest judicial court.

The problem with the American political system is that Democratic and Republican Party candidates and those currently in office are held accountable to their respective parties and not to the American people. Independent candidates would be more accountable to the people, because there is no political party. The vetting process for Independent candidates would be the toughest test for any candidate.

Americans need to face the fact that there is no democracy in America. It is very clear that the two major political parties have now created the most division America has ever seen. We will never have a democracy or some form of it until the two major parties are voted out of Congress or their numbers are reduced.

Independent voters are now the only Americans that have the voting power and the opportunity to create a democracy or some form of it in America. Western Colorado Independent Voters are part of a national Independent voter movement to create more democratic elections and more democratic forms of government in America. We are all about creating a new more democratic future for our children and future generations. Join us, the Independent voters, and take the drama out of American politics.


Western Colorado Independent Voters

New Castle

With Kavanaugh, judicial temperament is a big question

I am writing to implore all senators and citizens to stand up and oppose the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to OUR Supreme Court. I am a veteran naval officer, an attorney, formerly co-owned a Grand Junction retail business and worked as a contract federal investigator.

I have watched most of the hearings — even those before those about Dr. Ford’s allegations. Her testimony is not what has brought me to write this note.

I have stood before many judges and admirals, (dressed down by a few), but never did I see, or experience, anything like Judge Kavanaugh’s outrageous behavior. His defenders rely on a purported right to be stunned by allegations of sexual assault. Truly, it is possible to defend oneself with dignity. A candidate’s candor and temperament matter. We should have the right to expect nothing less from someone who seeks the position he so desires/demands as his right — than to speak with courtesy.

Based upon his own inconsistent and disrespectful answers, I believe, (yes, beyond a reasonable doubt), that the judge lied under oath about his past drinking habits and youthful escapades. Having conducted background investigations, because it is a contained and structured process, his long past activities would not likely have arisen as issues.

Today it matters. Perjury is perjury — regardless of the subject of the lie. That is the position Investigator Kavanaugh took when he was on Ken Starr’s staff.

There are many reasons Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination should not be approved. Pick one, or all: his demeanor, lack of candor/lying, or a belief of Dr. Ford’s allegations.


Colorado Springs

Remember to vote with climate change in mind

In Colorado, we are already seeing the effects of climate change: increased intensity and prevalence of wildfires, decreased snowpack, persistent drought, and dangerous heat waves. In fact, this past summer in Colorado we experienced the third hottest summer in history. It is apparent now that if we do not take immediate action, the future of Colorado and young people is at stake.

Unfortunately, the current EPA under Interim Administrator Andrew Wheeler has taken steps to reverse action on climate change with rollbacks on clean car standards, the clean power plan, and methane safeguards. This is despite the fact the administration itself admits that we are headed to a global increase in temperature of 7 degrees fahrenheit annually by the year 2100. A 7 degree increase would cause sea levels to rise so much that entire cities (such as Miami) will be flooded.

Now is not a time for apathy. It's time for young people to take our future into our own hands. An overwhelming majority of us believe climate change is an issue that must be addressed. As a volunteer with the non-partisan climate action group Defend Our Future, I hear from my peers everyday about how they are prepared to make their voices heard on this issue in this years midterm elections. I encourage everyone to consider doing the same. We can’t afford inaction on this issue any longer.



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