Vote for Boebert

I have never publicly supported a candidate until now. I am tired of the status quo. I feel like the frog in the frying pan. The heat is becoming too much. I finally recognize the need to jump out. I am voting for Boebert because 1. She is a patriot not a politician. 2. She is a business owner not a bureaucrat. 3. She believes in hard work not welfare. 4. She is conservative not complacent. 5. She is a fearless freedom fighter. Most importantly, I will vote for her because she is a God-fearing Christian. Lauren may you be blessed in your quest to represent your fellow Western Slope Coloradoans.


SMSgt USAF, retired


Boebert will be a warrior in fight to keep America

With the real prospect of losing our country, our culture, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, we need a million warriors in the fight to keep America.

Let me tell you about one.

That warrior is Lauren Boebert. Owning and running a small business, Lauren is invested in free market capitalism that built America.

Lauren's small business is called "Shooters Grill" in Rifle, Colorado. She and her employees open carry for safety and in support of our Second Amendment.

She advocates for limited, fiscally responsible government for our towns, counties and federally.

Lauren Boebert believes in life at conception, all personal freedoms explicit in the Bill of Rights and securing all borders to maintain America as a nation and a country of law and order.

We are currently energy independent. Lauren backs all efforts to remain that way by continued fracking and natural gas and oil exploration.

Lauren is a leader in her community, a wife, a mother to four sons, and a fervent believer in school choice.

Government was put into place to protect our families, to address and defend us from all threats to our persons, our property, our freedom to worship, to speak our minds, to write our opinions and to remain safe and secure in or out of our homes. She believes no entity, no politician, no government has the right to limit our freedoms expressed in the the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Please vote for Lauren Boebert to represent Colorado's 3rd District. We need her voice, her patriotism and her devotion to serve the country she loves.



Deer Trail, Colorado

Let's vote for candidates who respect science

President Donald Trump has promoted a fatalistic view of COVID-19 and climate change. Regarding COVID-19 deaths, he said: "It is what it is." Notably, the United States has less than 5% of the world's population, but more than 20% of its coronavirus deaths.

With respect to hurricane devastation in Texas, Trump once asserted: "You've had tremendous storms in Texas for many decades, and for many centuries, and that's the way it is."

Now, in the face of conclusive contradictory evidence, President Trump blames devastating Western wildfires primarily on forest management.

According to physicist Phillip B. Duffy, president of the Woodwell Climate Research Center: “Fundamentally the science is very, very simple. Warmer and drier conditions create drier fuel. What would have been a fire easily extinguished now just grows very quickly and becomes out of control.”

Government is incapable of dealing with crises when it exclusively chooses the evidence that fits its beliefs. On Nov. 3, let's vote for candidates who respect science.


Hales Corners, Wisconsin

We need experience and competence in Washington, D.C.

The only thing worse than “too much government” is totally incompetent government.

Right now, we are caught up in a pandemic that has been made oh so much worse by incompetent elected officials and appointed officials. The last thing our Congressional District 3 needs is a completely naïve, inexperienced, uneducated representative in Washington, DC. The swarm of lobbyists there would eat her lunch.

Ms. Boebert runs a small restaurant with mixed results. She once catered an event at which 80 people got sick. She has ZERO experience in any type of government service. Compared to the years of legislative experience of Dianne Mitsch Bush, Boebert is simply not ready this time around.

To represent us in the United States Congress, we need a lawmaker, not a lawbreaker. Ms. Boebert’s arrest record alone is troubling. Add that to her problematic record in food preparation and her suspended restaurant license and a picture emerges of a flashy but irresponsible young woman in over her head.

After a successful career in teaching, Diane Mitsch Bush served the citizens of Colorado in local government and then in the State Legislature. She is more than prepared to serve us, and our Western Slope interests, very well in Washington D.C.



Spanish Flu puts coronavirus in perspective

Hindsight is 20/20. How appropriate this year. The coronavirus has devastated the world, and it's often compared to The Spanish Flu of 1918. Local statistics aren't available on how devastating it was, but it took more casualties than World War I. The Spanish Flu took 6 casualties per thousand. How many people live in your area? Multiply that number in thousands by 6. Locally there are often less than 8 coronavirus casualties for an area of eighty thousand. That's less than 1 casualty per thousand vs. 6 casualties per thousand, or 7 and a half times the mortality of The Spanish Flu. Duh.

It has been said that the seriousness of the coronavirus was underplayed. Two reasons for underplaying it is the panic and hording that would ensue if we were lead to believe it was as deadly as The Spanish Flu. Statistics change everyday, so hind-sight criticism is a red herring... politically speaking.

Coronavirus is being over-played by those with no real perspective by those who endorse “rage.” If it was really as deadly as The Spanish Flu, hospitals and temporary infirmaries would be overflowing and the deaths would be about 2 million instead of about 200,000. Another non-issue by the left. Who are the real deceivers regarding the welfare of the United States of America? 20,000 lies vs. 1 big lie.

Joe Biden and Bob Woodward make a great pair. Woodward's glory days were 46 years ago with Bernstein, just when Joe was getting out of his parent's basement.


Grand Junction

Wilhelm will help Polis achieve his promises

In 2018 we elected Jared Polis as governor of Colorado, because he promised to make health care more accessible and affordable, make education better, and to make higher education more affordable.

Gov. Polis is working to accomplish things he promised It takes time and support from us to make change happen. Colin Wilhelm, who is running for Colorado House District 57, will support Governor Polis’s agenda.

Health care is a right, and education is especially important, now, more than ever, with technology moving so fast, challenges and breakthroughs in medicine, coronavirus and climate change threatening our existence.

Our young people should not be saddled with lifelong debt because they went to college to better themselves. We need educated people to be doctors, engineers, lawyers, mechanics.

The Republican platform is whatever Trump wants to do. What is that supposed to mean to us when we are trying to decide who to vote for, and what they stand for?

We have a choice this Nov. 3, we can elect people who will help Gov. Polis do what he promised, what we elected him to do.

I will be voting for Colin Wilhelm this November, to help get things done in Denver, for all Coloradans.

Vote. Encourage others to vote, up and down the ballot.



Is Palisade Plunge going to be an expert trail?

Way to go COPMOBA — make the Palisade Plunge so hard and dangerous that it is in total an advanced trail, that will surely eliminate a lot of traffic and mute the economic impact, exactly what we wanted when we approved the project.


Grand Junction

This election is about freedom versus socialism

What are you voting for on Nov 3rd?

Everyone needs to look at facts, not lies, to make your decision on Nov. 3. Will you base it on propaganda from the far left fake news media? Never has there been an election that could forever change the way we live. Let's start with facts! Most American agree on the basic issues; we need a good economy that provides needed jobs, we need good medical services, we want to feel safe and have law and order, and a functioning justice system that protects the innocent and punishes the criminals. We want adequate law enforcement to protect the citizen. We want borders that protect this country from illegals and from foreign attacks. We agree it is the best country to live in and if you feel it isn't, then please feel free to leave.

But this election is very different because the Democratic Party has been hi-jacked by extremists and Marxists. Have you noticed that Bernie and his bros are extremely quiet? Well of course they are — they are getting everything they have wanted to shove through for years. Bennie Sanders conceded to Joe Biden only if he, Biden, accepted Bernie's far left green new deal platform. Google "Biden-Saunders Unity Task Force Recommendations” and you will find the 110 page PDF manifesto that the far left (Saunders, AOC, Ilhan Omar) want going forward. Ask yourself - what are the consequences for this country if Biden wins? All financial indicators say the stock market and your 401Ks will crash and you will have less money to spend, especially after the left votes in tax increases for the middle class. You will continue to see your freedoms erode. Just look at churches in California that are being shut down by the state. You have two very clear choices for this upcoming election; freedom or socialism. I'm voting for freedom/Donald J Trump.



Vote and voice your dissatisfaction

I am writing this to plead with the people who hold the future of this great country in their hands. The vote is a very powerful thing. It is our means to control out-of-control government. If we rise up and make our voices heard then we have done our civic duty. Our voice needs to be loud and direct. We the people are not happy with the current situation

Our government has demonstrated they care nothing for the plight of the very people who put their trust in these politicians. Please people get out in force and vote make yourself heard.



We need to reform to two-party control of elections

To offset America's corrupt election system sponsored by the Democratic and Republican Parties, in my new book, "America's New Revolution", I propose an all Independent voter primary election for the 2022 elections and a "National Independent Voter Presidential Primary" for 2024. What I am proposing is a head-on crash with the Democrats and the Republicans over the governance and ownership of America's election system. In this new book, I challenge the validity and the constitutionality of the two major parties controlling our election system. I contend that the Democratic and Republican primary elections are funded illegally by taxpayers. The U. S. Constitution does not provide for political parties to govern or control America's election system. The two major parties and other political parties are legally and technically private associations or clubs that organize political activities. The American people have been duped into paying for these illegal primary elections by the two major parties for decades.

The Independent voter primaries will become so popular that the whole primary election system could transform into a non-partisan open primary election system which is the most democratic of all elections. Then we take the top four or five winners from this primary and have them participate in the general election. I do not recommend Ranked Choice Voting as it will allow manipulation by the two major parties.

This election reform should come with a cap on campaign spending as well.

The cool thing about Independent primaries is that it will provide Americans with democratic elections which do not exist with the current system controlled by the Democrats and Republicans. Remember that almost 30 million Independent voters have been denied voting in each of the last two presidential primary elections. This political reform advocated by the Independent voter movement is how a real democracy should work. This is a WE THE PEOPLE movement. See more details in my book which is now available on


National Election Reform Committee

Independent Voting & Western Colorado Independent Voters

New Castle

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