I was saddened to read the article in the Sentinel announcing plans to develop the 600-plus acres near Easter Hill.

Largely due to the generosity of the owner of the property, the land is a frequently visited destination for hikers and mountain bikers. The close proximity to town and the numerous trails in varying terrain make the property a great recreation area. People who use the area have respected the generosity of the property owner by self-policing to keep the area clean. People care about this property.

I understand the right of the property owner and developer to profit from their investment, but other properties in the area are better suited to residential development. The same qualities that make the Easter Hill property a great recreational area create a difficult topography for residential development. It seems like a land swap should be possible.

The Western Slope is known for great opportunities for outdoor adventures and activities. People who visit, as well as the people who choose to live here, do so to experience the outdoor opportunities. That is the economic future of the area. Our elected representatives need to accept this fact and promote the outdoor benefits of the area as a way to improve the economy. Special open spaces need to be preserved for the benefit of the residents and for the enjoyment of visitors.

This is an opportunity for all stakeholders in the area to come together to develop a plan to save the Easter Hill property for current and future residents. We need a collaboration between area governments, the property owner, and interested parties to preserve this area for the benefit of everyone.


Grand Junction

St. Mary's family residency offers group prenatal care

I saw your article entitled "Moms-to-be Teach Each Other" last week, which mentioned group prenatal care, and specifically Centering Pregnancy's model of group care. However, I noticed that it didn't mention that this care model is available in Grand Junction. St. Mary's Family Medicine Residency clinic is currently offering the Centering model of group care. Our clinic offers group visits for both pregnancy and well-child care (up to age 2), and we recently received a grant from the national Centering Healthcare organization to expand these services to include more patients. We're proud to offer this care to our patients here in the valley, and are open to new patients who would like to try the group care model. Visits are informative and fun!

Patients who are interested in finding out more about group healthcare can contact our office at (970) 298-2800.


Grand Junction

If people loved God, then they would love their president

Four letters to the editor over the last several days certainly portrayed the division between liberals and conservatives. Two letters portrayed the hatred liberals have for President Trump and two presented the accomplishments of our president. Which are closer to the truth?

For me at least, the answer is found in God's Word. A lawyer asked Jesus "which is the great commandment"? Jesus answered "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind.This is the first and great commandment. The second is like unto it, thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." (Matthew 22:36-39)

It is obvious the two liberal letters did not display love but only hatred for President Trump while the two conservative letters define some of the accomplishments the president has attained. Hatred for President Trump has so blinded the hearts and minds of people that all they want to do is obstruct and resist, instead of working together for the good of all. Loving one's neighbor is not the trait of some people it seems. Why so much hatred in their hearts? According to God's word just quoted, it has to be they do not have God's love in their hearts. If they truly loved the Lord God they would love their president.

Our great nation and Constitution were founded by men seeking Godly advice. Whereas we were initially a God-loving nation, we have evolved into one where we want to get God out of everything. Without God we turn to evil. Hatred is a part of the evil. We have hatred for God, for our president, for law, for human life,and for our neighbor. Just think: if everyone obeyed the Lord's great commandment of loving the Lord God with all of our being first, then there would be no room in our hearts for hatred, anger, envy,pride or any kind of unrighteousness or any kind of evil.

One of my prayers for our nation is that we all turn from our hatred and divisiveness and begin to love our neighbor and work together for the good of all. This can only be done by obeying the Lord's commandments. This includes me.


Grand Junction

Democrats seem blind to Trump's accomplishments

Editor's note: This letter ran in Friday's edition, but under the wrong name. It's republished here with the rightful attribution.

In response to Linda Carr's letter of May 23: It is with interest that this question (Is American democracy gone?) has come up from a Democrat to allege that our freedoms are being stripped by Republicans, who for two years and $35 million, have seen numerous families destroyed. The investigation by Robert Mueller showed no collusion. When Mueller released his "golden goose" report, the Democrats failed to capitalize.

Who has wasted two years investigating — which has provided nothing for the American people — because they did not get their way once again?

They continue to refuse to help build up the border to keep the illegals out of our country, where once here, we must take complete care of them with monies that could be used for our homeless people and veterans.

This president has accomplished more in two years than anyone has in the past 16 years, however, your liberal news media will not present this to the American public so they are informed as to what is happening such as in the case of Carr's letter. I can bet she and the rest of the Democrats in this country are reaping the benefits that the president has accomplished. Many of the Democrats that have been lied to over the years are finally waking up to the disasters that have been accomplished by the Democrats over the eight years in office and are pulling their heads out of the sand and coming to help the president continue for another four years in November 2020.

Yes, it is time for America to wake up and help the president to continue cleaning house.

We the People who voted for a non-politician will do so again.


Grand Junction

Trump's big accomplishment is making lying acceptable

In response to Arthur Edwards' recent letter in support of the current occupant of the White House ("Democrats seem blind to Trump's accomplishments"), several things come to mind. The claim in this letter (as well as several others arguing a similar position) relies completely on a subjective interpretation of Mr. Trump's tenure thus far. What seems like an accomplishment to Mr. Edwards seems like a disaster to me. In other words, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And so it is with recognizing and rewarding Donald Trump's "accomplishments." Whether you're talking about tax cuts, tariffs, immigration policy, infrastructure, foreign relations, the economy, or Supreme Court appointments, one person's "accomplishment" is another person's catastrophe, and when it comes to politics, there's nothing new in that.

Ironically, the one thing that both Dems and Republicans (Marc Thiessen, e.g.) agree on is that Mr. Trump is an accomplished and prolific liar. Whether it's hyperbole, unmitigated self-promotion, unfounded personal attacks on others, or just plain old falsehoods and misstatement, even Trump apologists acknowledge that he lies. We disagree about whether that matters, and how much, and we also disagree about whether the lies and falsehoods outweigh whatever good he might accomplish.

In my opinion, one of the most important things Mr. Trump has indeed "accomplished" is that he has convinced otherwise careful, conservative, ethical, thinking people to stop thinking when it comes to him, to stop asking for evidence to support his claims, and to take his word for it that he's doing a great job.


Grand Junction

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