Glacier Ice Arena has proven its worth

I read the editorial on the Glacier Ice Arena and I confess who I am one of the niche players that enjoy playing ice hockey at the rink. I feel it benefits more than just the adult league that enjoyed playing on Sunday nights and Tuesday drop-ins.

The CMU hockey team also called the Glacier home by practicing there and attracting near capacity crowds during their games which included CMU students, parents, faculty, and community people. I remember the fundraisers for women’s breast cancer when the CMU team wore pink on those special nights. Also, the rink not only benefits adult hockey but also youth hockey, public skating, and private skating events (church groups, birthday parties, etc.).

I want to thank the City Council members who are in favor of supporting the rink. I also feel the council members can get creative in funding and reducing expenses for the rink.

When I managed an energy company on the Western Slope for over 15 years, I supported granting millions of dollars of energy impact grants from the state coffers that we used in the past for capital projects such as the remodel of The Avalon, helping construct the county courthouse, and many other projects. It is my understanding that the new state officials are encouraging using these funds now for renewable energy projects even though these monies come from severance taxes generated by oil and gas wells in Colorado.

One idea might be to apply for either Tier I or II Energy Impact funds for the August cycle. These funds could then be used for the capital costs to install solar panels on the south facing roof that would decrease the utility costs of the rink substantially. If you can get these funds to pay for the solar up front, you might be able to make this more than breakeven venture. Thanks to Alan and Robbie Koos, the Glacier Ice Arena has always promoted community, youth, and university activities so I think that says it all. The City Council should continue to support the rink!


Grand Junction

Let’s give federal government its due in riverfront cleanup

Jim Spehar’s Jan. 31, 2021, discussion of the dream of Grand Junction’s Riverfront could not have happened without the federal government’s help. Yes, big government took the lead in first cleaning up the uranium mill tailings that Jim so unabashedly put in the back of his GMC, as well as cleaning up the junkyard west of the Fifth Street bridge.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), under mandate of a federal law implemented in the late 1970s to clean up 22 abandoned uranium mill sites throughout the United States, was responsible for the cleanup of Grand Junction’s riverfront. DOE’s Mike Tucker, Joe Virgona and Bob Ivey, along with Colorado Department of Health and Environment’s Bud Franz and Jeff Deckler oversaw and coordinated with city and county officials to make this happen. Without federal funding to support these cleanups there would be no Riverfront of today’s creation. Kudos to all those people Jim praises, truly visionary in their endeavors, but without the DOE’s intention and federal dollars spent in cleanup activities, there would be no story to tell and no dream to envision.


Grand Junction

Democrats use impeachment to vilify Trump supporters

The rioters on Capitol Hill were a relatively few knuckleheads who were positioned there in advance of a peaceful demonstration. Politicians who downplayed the riots that occurred last summer, describe this as 9/11. After 9/11 our country came together. This extreme rhetoric drives a wedge between us.

Democrats are using this riot to vilify 74 million Trump voters who would never support rioters, in D.C. or Portland. They occupied our capital with 25,000 National Guard troops. This is what should concern you. There is no serious ongoing threat. Let the troops go home to their families. This impeachment is a charade. You can’t remove someone no longer in office. The law is clear.

Meanwhile, the first thing President Biden did was to sign executive orders costing thousands of good-paying energy sector jobs. Didn’t he say he wouldn’t do this? Even if we eliminated all our emissions it would do no good. China and India would soon pick up the slack. The president’s energy czar, John Kerry, who flies in personal jets, has the nerve to lecture workers on how easy it is to get new jobs.

Reject those who are fearmongering. It is Orwellian. Beware of the intelligence agencies using this as an excuse to spy on you. Let’s come together. Don’t let the crazies drive us apart.