How could McConnell vote to acquit Trump?

How could Mitch McConnell vote to acquit President Trump from the grievous actions he committed in rousing his base to attack the U.S. Capitol and nearly kill or injure multiple public servants of both parties?

His hollow explanation for acquittal (a procedural excuse which he manufactured) conveniently assuages his guilt in placating his gutless caucus and keeps his donation coffers full.

After the vote, he tells us what he really thinks? After the damage is done? In his own words, Trump was guilty of a “disgraceful dereliction of duty,” and we should go after him.

After enabling Mr. Trump’s thuggish, criminal tendencies for four years, McConnell couldn’t step forward and hold him accountable for his actions. This monster that he and others in the Republican Party have created will continue to dog the citizens of this great nation until the rule of law is a distant memory.

McConnell’s unfortunate paucity of courage and spine continues to foment ongoing forces of thuggery and lawlessness. He just underscored that Donald Trump can get away with anything, even murder and insurrection. Shame on the Republican enablers.


Grand Junction

How can so many support a party that leans autocratic?

The United States is still a country with a two-party system. After the case presented to justly impeach former president Trump and his acquittal by Republicans, it is apparent that there is a Democratic Party in opposition to an Authoritarian Party, formerly the Republican Party.

How can so many support a party that has become autocratic and is committed to overthrow the Constitution of our democratic republic? Especially when evidenced by the death and chaos of the past four years, and now insurrection caused by the irresponsible and dangerous leadership of President Trump.

Insurrection is right, as it was in 1776 when the cause was liberty and justice for all, but is wrong today when the cause is to destroy that which so many of us have since fought for and died to preserve.


Grand Junction

Harness the power of UV light to fight off winter colds

This past year I’ve learned plenty about viruses. I’ve gotten into the habit of UV sterilizing my petri dish, (the sinus area of my forehead) by exposing my forehead to the sun. I clamp my eyes shut and turn, smiling, to the sun for a few moments. It seems to take away that achy, foggy, head pressure that means I’m coming down with a bug. It works for me through a window and on cloudy days too. First year ever without a cold.



The war against working Americans

Democrats, I know that some of you believe we have a “climate crisis.” So why stop work on the Keystone Pipeline, which would deliver fuels without using carbon-burning trains or barges? Biden did this knowing that thousands would be immediately disemployed at a time when COVID restrictions have already destroyed people and businesses. The administration suggested that pipeline workers start making solar panels (wages = half; jobs not available; check back in a decade.)

This administration wants to transition to solar and wind. California is doing that. It has high electric rates and frequent brownouts.

Biden wants to legalize illegal immigrants now in the country. They can then compete for “above-the-table” jobs. He has stopped work on the border wall (a few more thousand Americans disemployed, more illegals will come in). He wants to increase legal immigration numbers. If we had excess jobs, that would be fine. But we don’t. These people will take jobs that Americans — devastated by virus lockdowns and energy-sector shutdowns — desperately need. Is this what Democrats want: a war against working Americans?

New York Times columnist David Brooks recently wrote: “The Biden team is absolutely right to go big (spending) if we can use COVID as a pretext to alleviate…” poverty, populism, etc. His last sentence states “Democrats, God put you on this Earth to spend government money on the disadvantaged. Now, please go do it.”

What? It is not “government” money. It’s money taken from hard-working taxpayers. It’s money borrowed from China. We’re $28 TRILLION in debt.

Democrats, if you want to give out money, donate yours. Gates, Zuckerberg, and Soros alone could each keep $1 billion and still donate $250 billion. But stop taking our jobs and then raising our energy costs and giving away money that we don’t have.