Science can’t ‘tweak’ virus into submission

I read with both amusement and sadness The Associated Press article regarding “tweaking” the COVID-19 vaccine.

Amusement due to the hubris of man to think that they can control a virus that has mutated more than two dozen times by last count and will continue to do so like every other virus on the planet. Sadness for the people who have been so woefully duped into falling for the long list of reasons why we must adhere to their lockdowns, mask orders, restrictions on gatherings etc. supposedly with the goal of defeating this virus. All one has to do is look at the five (so far at least) positions that Dr. Fauci has taken with respect to masks alone, to know he is not the purported expert people have been led to believe. If the so-called vaccines were going to be anything remotely effective then why is the good doctor now recommending two masks?

If we read case history on vaccinations, we will see that truly effective vaccines have only been developed for known diseases such as diphtheria, tetanus, mumps, measles, polio, and others where the success rate for all is 90-plus percent and in some cases the virus has nearly been eradicated from the planet. To date, not one “vaccine” for a virus has ever been created with any level of effectiveness approaching this, with most falling in the 40-50 percentile for efficacy. These people are laughable to think they will “tweak” anything into submission.

Now compare this with the recent (January 2021) peer-reviewed report by Stanford University on “non-pharmaceutical intervention” (aka face coverings, stay-at-home orders, business lockdowns, etc.) in 10 countries including the United States and what they found: “we do not find significant benefits on case growth of more restrictive NPIs. Similar reductions in case growth may be achievable with less-restrictive interventions.”

The sadness is the destruction of lives, jobs, and businesses, and the thousands of lives lost due to the actions of officials in an effort to control and limit the movement and freedom of the public. All for a virus that according to the CDC as of Feb 10, 2021 is only directly responsible for the death of 9% of all COVID related illnesses.

It was about a year ago in March 2020 when I first told people we were being played, as did many others. A lot more people have come to the same realization, but they have been shamed and scorned into silence by the media and politicians. Maybe it’s time they find their voice once again.


Grand Junction

RIP Rush Limbaugh

A truly great American has been taken from us. I cried when I learned of Rush Limbaugh’s passing.

He extolled America’s unique freedoms and opportunity. His Excellence in Broadcasting dealt in disseminating facts, not feelings. Rush chastised liberals and conservatives alike with a keen wit and biting sense of humor. He entertained us while we learned the whole story.

He shouted America’s greatness from radio’s rooftops. He was the little guy who made good but never lost touch with his roots.

While the Fourth Estate, Big Tech, and mass media have mostly devolved into agenda-driven propagandists, Mr. Limbaugh always spoke truth to power.

Verily, Rush Limbaugh was a talent on loan from God. RIP RUSH.



Haitz for City Council

I first met Greg Haitz and his wife when they were both speakers at a leadership seminar that my office held for my financial planning business. In subsequent years I have followed Greg as his family has grown, his chiropractic business expanded with several new associates working with him, and as president of the Colorado Chiropractic Association for the last seven years.

Greg has the temperament to serve Grand Junction well on our City Council. He’s a workhorse, not a show horse. He listens more than he talks; has the ability to discuss difficult issues with dispassion; and to accept that others may have different opinions that need to be considered. As a self-made successful business man, he will be a strong but calming voice on our City Council.


Grand Junction

Herman has proper vision to serve on the City Council

My husband and I were delighted to learn that Abe Herman has announced his candidacy for City Council. We know Abe and have relied on him as a source of information about community issues. Abe has the ability to see all sides of an issue and is willing to listen to a full range of viewpoints. In addition to being active in the community, Abe is a successful young entrepreneur with a business in Grand Junction.

Abe wants to serve on our City Council in order to take an active role in preserving the character of our wonderful city while bettering schools, parks, and opportunities for small business. He understands the importance of preserving what we love about Grand Junction, including our reasonable cost of living and business friendly environment. In short, Abe Herman is exactly what we need on the Grand Junction City Council right now. We are delighted to support him.


Grand Junction