Sick of hearing about the unvaccinated

“Unvaccinated, unvaccinated” that is all you hear anymore to the point it is getting old. Anyone can make figures do what you want, but the truth is listen to real news that tells you day after day, how many folks that have been totally vaccinated with booster shots are now coming down with the virus.

Let’s be honest folks, yes, many have passed with COVID, but most were with other underlying problems and classified as COVID. Having been tested seven times with the same negative results, that is happening to thousands of folks, but those wanting the government to control your life keep running to the long lines to be tested even if they are not sick. Let’s start charging for the test and then the real figures will start to show.

If you are so worried about the unvaccinated, then stay away from them, but respect their choices just like the choice you took to get an experimental shot.


Grand Junction

Capitol riot article full of opinion mixed with fact

Last Thursday’s edition of The Daily Sentinel had, as a front-page article, a piece by “AP Film Writer” Jake Coyle about the one-year anniversary of the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.

Coyle’s article, like much of the material that the Sentinel gets from The Associated Press, is an amalgam of news — factual reporting — mixed with lots of opinion and biased language, usually slanted to the left. It would be more appropriate for the editorial page.

It is not the “news” reporter’s responsibility to tell us that the mob’s motivations were “as clear as day: democracy under siege…” His characterizations of separate versions of the recollections of the event as being “one factual, one fanciful” is similarly inappropriate. These are both entirely Coyle’s opinions and have no place in a news article or serious journalism.

Neither version of the day’s events as relayed by partisans of either side are entirely factual nor entirely fanciful with almost every politician quoted in the article having an agenda.

The riot was a disgraceful and criminal event that, in my opinion and based on facts as I know them, should be condemned universally without writers telling us what we should believe about it. Perhaps the fact that Coyle is a “Film Writer” accounts for his playing fast and loose, mixing factual reporting with his own opinions.


Grand Junction

We need a representative who will act for all citizens

Now that Lauren Boebert has declared she is running again for a congressional seat, she is plastered all over the paper with her CYA declarations, including her Jan. 2 op-ed.

She is not in favor of the CORE act because she thinks that it inhibits oil and gas exploration. Does she care about climate change?

She accuses environmentalists of opposing clear-cutting forests for profit even though for years, they have recommended selective thinning. In her full-page ad, she acts as if she is the first to recommend saving forests.

She objects to red flag laws that bar mentally ill citizens from purchasing assault weapon, not veterans. Does she advocate irresponsible gun ownership, which most gun owners would refute?

And then there are references to “the radical left taking away our freedoms.” It is the same old Boebert playbook of using catch phrases to rile people up with lies and generalizations. She won the last election repeatedly using the phrase “freedom!” If that means doing what you want despite the needs of the community, then do we need her to represent us? What did her Jan. 6 “This is 1776” proclamation mean for our Constitution?

Peppered in between false comments about what she calls repeatedly the “radical left” are her remarks about “woke” people. According to the Oxford Dictionary definition, “woke” means someone who is “alert to injustice in society, especially racism.” If Boebert regards that as a sin, then it appears that she is proclaiming her “freedom” to be racist and to ignore societal injustices.

We have heard little from her about helping people in need, preventing injustice or opposition to racism. Indeed, the record shows her as breathtakingly intolerant of people from other cultures or political positions. Her comments about bipartisanship, as if she favors it, are specious, since she goes out of her way, even in this article, to bash Democrats and the “radical left,” whomever they are.

Boebert appears unwilling to open her ears to work across the aisle for what many Americans really care about: patriotism, morality, transparency, community and progress towards solving our most pressing problems: climate change, international relations, voting rights, our nation’s infrastructure and societal safety nets. It is not enough to support guns and oil. We need someone with a wider lens to see what the country needs and to act for all citizens.


Grand Junction