Boebert is either unethical or obstuse

In the interest of full disclosure, I was never comfortable with Lauren Boebert as our representative in Washington. I believed Ms. Boebert was simply in over her head. You can’t just yell “freedom” and carry a Glock to be an effective legislator and I didn’t think she had the ideas or the experience to do more than that.

However, she was duly elected and I respected the results of what I believed was a fair process. (I am amazed that people think if “liberals” had somehow rigged things, Ms. Boebert would have been elected.) I was prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt and tried to remain objective about her actions.

Sadly, it did not take long for my fears about her incompetency to be realized. Now I also seriously question her ethics.

By now most of us have read her tweets before or on Jan. 6. We have seen photos of her posing with guns and with people brandishing paraphernalia and sporting hand gestures that have been linked with white supremacy. Many believe she helped incite the violence that took place in the Capitol that day. Furthermore, she opposed the results of the presidential election despite no evidence of any fraud. All of these actions are disturbing and I suspect there will be ongoing debate about her intentions for some time.

However, one fact stands out to me. Ms. Boebert tweeted that the speaker of the house had left the chambers after being explicitly advised by security to avoid sending out any communications. I can only interpret this action in one of two ways. She was either trying to help the insurgents locate the speaker to carry out their nefarious plans, as many suspect. Or, what is more likely in my opinion, she simply did not have the common sense and good judgment to understand that such a tweet was a dumb and dangerous idea.

Unethical or obtuse ... neither is a characteristic I want in my representative. Neither characteristic will help her consider resignation. Ms. Boebert’s fellow House members should vote to censure her to minimize the damage she can do. I maintain that she is not qualified to represent us. Western Colorado has no shortage of complex issues and I hope in 2022 we will elect a trustworthy and experienced representative who can work effectively for us.



Tracking down vaccine info is impossible amid confusion

My husband and I are in Group 1B to receive the COVID-19 vaccine; so are a number of friends who live in Glenwood Springs. They were contacted last week by their doctor and their insurance broker, respectively, and told where and how to get their shots — which they did.

Here in Mesa County, we have filed the appropriate forms with our medical provider and with Mesa County Public Health. When we received no reply from either, I called both on Tuesday. Our medical provider said that they hope to have the vaccine within four to six weeks but have no assurance that they will. They did say that they had heard that Walgreens might be inoculating people. According to Walgreens, they are fully trained and prepared to “deliver vaccinations safely in accordance with CDC guidelines.” Unfortunately, they don’t say when, where or how that will happen.

When I called MCPH, I was shuttled electronically to the COVID-19 Hotline which rang for a long time and then announced that the hotline voicemail box was full. I was unable to speak in person with anyone. I then called our medical insurance provider; they were clueless — saying that I was the first person to contact them about how to get the vaccine — but gave me the website for the Colorado Department of Health. There I learned that I should contact my local medical provider or my county health department or my employer.

I am reminded of the time that my husband, an engineer, was in a foreign country checking the construction status on an airport. According to the records, a portion of the terminal was complete. When he went to the job site, no work had been done. When he questioned this situation, he was assured that the work was complete via a process known as “completion by proclamation,” a process that paints a rosy picture and accomplishes nothing.

As people who aspire to be “on the sharp end of the needle” we find ourselves adrift in a closed loop of misinformation, disinformation and confusion. It’s starting to feel like that old comedy routine, “Who’s On First?” Unfortunately, gaining timely access to the COVID-19 vaccine is no laughing matter.



Boebert detractors, please share plans to demonstrate

Hey all you people wanting to demonstrate for Lauren to resign, make sure you publicize it well in advance. I wouldn’t want to miss a chance to show my support for her and laugh at liberals.



Boebert must shape up or risk being shipped out

I never thought I would be writing this letter about a congressional representative representing my hometown — but I am. In an extraordinary tantrum of bad judgment, voters from Fruita to Pueblo have made Lauren Boebert our representative in the United States Congress. I have had grave reservations about her character from the very beginning, and nothing she has done since the armed insurrection of the federal Capitol has done anything to ease my mind. She is a wild-eyed radical who should never have been given this position of power, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with her being a Republican. Everything about Ms. Boebert has indicated that she has no diplomacy whatsoever, does not respect basic law and order, and promulgates conspiracy theories based on lies, and many of her constituents such as myself will not tolerate it (it’s truly an embarrassment that the Garfield County sheriff endorsed her). Therefore, she is on notice that should she not act in a law-abiding manner and as the Constitution mandates, I and others will organize to remove her from office. I hope she remembers her mentor Donald Trump, whom she possibly thought was untouchable, has now gone up in flames as the most criminal president in American history. Congresswoman Boebert, the choice is yours. Behave, or become the focus of efforts to restrict you to one term. You definitely do not represent my views in any way.


Grand Junction

Bacon always inspired to do the right thing

There are not many one would consider to be “icons” in the Grand Valley, but we certainly lost one last week with the passing of Herb Bacon. Herb was an invaluable bank board member, a gentle and ultra-wise mentor, and an inspiration to do the right thing for the common good, a true role model to a young banker many years ago when relatively new to the community. Although slight in stature, Herb was a mountain of a man and one who simply refused to take “no” for an answer. Herb will be missed by so many that he touched either directly or indirectly through his and Laura May’s philanthropic efforts — gone, but certainly not forgotten.


Former president, Wells Fargo Community Bank, retired

We all feel the loss of Herb Bacon’s passing

I was saddened to learn about Herb Bacon passing. He and Laura May were the heart of so many great things in the Grand Valley. Your story was exceptional, capturing the Bacon’s many contributions through the years.

I, too, received many “Herb Notes,” including a sensitive one on my mom’s death in 1986. Their travels were a continuing feature at the Museum, one on Tibet educating, enlightening, and as always, entertaining. He shared that women had lots of influence in Tibet, having multiple husbands. Who would know that without Herb and Laura May?

Living to 100 was a great goal and we all feel the loss 10 years too soon. Herb was “my banker” for at least 40 years, and yes, he was a compassionate banker as well as a guide to good business practices.

We’ll all miss him.


Cotuit, Massachusetts

You can’t have a republic and a tyrant

Our forefathers wrote an allegiance for us for us to follow. As a student I remember reciting it every morning and thought, yes this is a good thing. I swear allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and the Republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all. The under God was added later.

I have a deep respect for the flag as a symbol and think it should be treated with reference, not left out and ignored, brought in out of bad weather and not submitted to high winds on the back of a pickup. I am glad that these people are proud of being an American but the flag represents our republic. When I see the flag on a pole with a Trump flag it does not seem that the two agree.

Our president does not see his job as defending the republic but molding the government into what he thinks the way in should be run. In recent days he has denied the voice of the people and has acted more like a tyrant than a Republican. And there is the conflict, you can’t have a Republic and a tyrant at the same time.

Trump has talked about RINOs as being people other than him when it is probably the other way around. Republicans who do not support Trump are looking out for the republic while Trump is looking out for himself and using the Republican machine to accomplish his goals.

I can see where Trump gets his support, he demonstrates strength and courage and a new way to run government. But his strengths come into doubt when he says things that he believes but are not supported by facts — crowd size, Mexico will pay for the wall, COVID is just like the flu and will go away and that he was cheated in the election.


Grand Junction

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