Demand a level playing field for all clean energy

Can we get serious about our real, and accelerating, climate change?

We are polarized between Yes and No. Is it really just the weather? Glance at Australia, a living laboratory. Devastatingly hot and burning. Worse, for years the Great Barrier Reef has been disappearing, warmer and more acid ocean at work. A replacement “artificial reef” isn’t working.

Bellowing at each other isn’t solving this festering, dire condition. We’re all in the same boat and it’s leaking faster and faster. The pollution buildup is mostly about electricity, a bit about transportation. We’re losing time on both fronts.

Let’s solve the problem. Consider ALL clean sources, and ramp up the fastest payoff in reducing CO2 pollution? Start to slow it, then reduce it, then end it. Year after year.

Fastest is new-generation nuclear power. Ramping small, safe, cost-effective plants that use now-stored-on-site spent fuel rods. Ask if Australia is paying the price for fouling its own nest — prohibiting nuclear and using coal for its power. Hmmm, lots of CO2 eh? We can forget about our mistaken half-century of embedded FEAR; nuclear has proved cleaner and safer than any other source. Over 60 years and continuing.

Look up “No Nukes Is Bad News for Climate Change” by PhD Robert Hargraves. Dig deeper. Then demand a level playing field for ALL clean sources. Now.

Ken Johnson

Cotuit, Massachusetts

(and Grand Junction)

Are Democrats prepared to watch impeachment implode?

Speaker Pelosi knew that when the partisan shoe went on the other foot acquittal is assured. She struts and frets her hour upon the stage. At least the squad is honest about it. They giggled as they dumbed down impeachment. There has never before been an impeachment as weak as this one.

Fortunately our Founding Fathers anticipated a House that would abuse its impeachment power. They built safeguards into the Constitution. It provides that the trial is held in the Senate with the Senate being in essence both the judge and jury. This trial will expose the House’s abuse of power.

The best evidence for the president is a transcript of the phone conversation between him and the Ukrainian president. It’s not the same story told by the whistleblower, who had no first-hand knowledge. Hearsay is not good evidence. It’ll be uncomfortable for Democrats to watch their bogus case get chewed up by competent lawyers.

The president continues to do his job. He killed a terrorist who killed 600 Americans and maimed many others and was directing new attacks. Under this president we are a stronger country, both economically and militarily. He’s always been anti-war, but believes in peace through strength. He relies on tough economic sanctions, but if you kill Americans, the response will be swift and painful.

David A. Kearsley


Stand up for what’s right at the Women’s March

“I got elected on bringing our soldiers back home,” stated our president in his 2019 State of the Union address.

Yet, just last week he bragged about selling troops to Saudi Arabia and South Korea, and apparently “we” got $1.5 billion for them.

No, this money won’t be going to the soldiers or their families, or to any VA hospital. No, it won’t be going to bring down the deficit which has nearly doubled under Trump’s time in office and has now topped $1 trillion. Where will it go? Well, the average trip to Mar-a-Lago costs around $3 million. In fact, your tax dollars are spent on travel, hotels, and accommodations every time a member of the Trump family travels. I don’t think the Trumps need our tax dollars. I think if the soldiers are earning this paycheck, then it should go to them.

If you voted for Trump because you support the troops, this is where we may begin to have some common ground. If it bothers you that our president is selling our servicemen and women while at the same time wasting our hard-earned tax dollars for trips to his own properties, we are not as divided as we may have thought.

If you think the sacrifice our soldiers make every day is one of the greatest any American could offer, we agree. If you think the president should act in the best interest of the American people, we agree. If you think that the First Amendment gives us the right to say so, we agree. If you think this nation needs to heal, we agree.

Four years in a row the Women’s March has voiced these concerns, and a great many others. People have come together to stand up for what is right. I invite you to march with me on Saturday, Jan. 18 at 11 a.m. We will meet at Centennial Park, 828 Grand Ave., in Glenwood Springs. A lot has changed in this country, but there is still some greatness left in each and every one of us. The powers that be are not stronger than the powers in we.



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