If Indian mascots are not OK, Vikings shouldn’t be

Hmm. I always thought that naming an athletic team or school for a historic person or group of persons was an honor.

Central High School’s logo featured an illustration of a handsome Native American.

If I remember a little history about 1883, the Creek Nation would paint their faces red when they went in to battle to frighten even more their enemies. Could that be where the “red man” thing came from?

So, my mom’s grandparents, Anna and Ole Olson came from Norway in 1869 to Baltimore.

Eventually, the Olson family moved to Colorado and had a farm on what in now Orchard Mesa. There is a neighborhood there named for them.

OK, so the Minnesota Vikings football team has an ugly logo of a Viking face. Now my feelings are so hurt and I am so traumatized! Maybe if someone gave me a bunch of money, I just might be OK.


Grand Junction

Fair is no place to spread political misinformation

Since when is the Mesa County Fair a partisan event? I saw a merchant selling t-shirts saying “Buck Biden” and “Dead People Vote” — obviously a nod to Trump’s false claims that the election was stolen.

I’m all in favor of free speech, but this gives support, intentional or not by the Mesa County Fair to this false viewpoint.

If you want to advocate Trump’s false claims, do it on neutral territory. It has no place in an event that is open to all.

I will no longer attend nor support the Mesa County Fair.