Mahre strives to make D51 more efficient and practical

My wife and I both grew up attending school in this valley, and now we both proudly work for the school district, serving its students. After having met Trish Mahre, it is clear to us that she is also dedicated to serving this community and its children.

Like us, she grew up and attended public school here, as did her children. Her life is dedicated to building a better future for all kids in her work for the District Attorney’s Office and through her service on our current school board. Trish works every day to uphold the law and protect our children.

Trish is a proven leader. Through her current work on the board, she has promoted transparency, accountability, and communication with our community. As educators, we appreciate Trish because she actively reaches out to students, parents, school staff, and community members to understand their perspectives before taking action. As an outsider, she asks insightful questions to make sure no stone goes unturned and no money is wasted. Already, she has gained a deep understanding of our school district and how to improve it. This year, she collaborated with teachers and district administration to ensure educators are paid fairly compared to other, similar districts. This should lead to better retention and recruitment of quality teachers. Ultimately, she makes reasonable, common sense decisions. She helped our schools re-open safely in-person, with an online option, when so many other communities were not able to. She strives to make our schools more efficient and practical.

Trish will work tirelessly to make sure our children succeed. Their health and mental wellbeing are of the utmost importance to her. Trish is a board member that will do what is best for our kids.




school psychologist

Grand Junction

Democrats’ opposition to voter ID is telling

Democratic Party leadership doesn’t seem to care that they appear unpatriotic. They support the cancel culture movement, which feels our government is fundamentally flawed. You can’t spin that as being patriotic.

They claim the country is systemically racist. Slavery is evil and was a terrible flaw, but 600,000 white men sacrificed their lives to end it in America 156 years ago. No other nation is as diverse as ours.

President Biden and Democrats own “cancel culture” and defunding the police. Add to that President Biden’s use of the intelligence agencies to spy on U.S. citizens. He says it’s because of some unexplained risk posed by white supremacists. What’s obvious is crime is rising as the result of defunding the police. In NYC, the next mayor will likely be the only Democrat running who supports law enforcement.

President Biden said forget guns, you’d need F-15s and nuclear weapons to challenge him. Yet, 2,000 unarmed trespassers rattled him. Our country is unique, the Second Amendment grants us the authority to defend our freedoms. There are over 75 million well-armed citizens and that keeps the power with the people. The police and those in the military would refuse to fight fellow citizens. This is not Cuba.

Gallup polling found that 80% of the country, 87% of independents, want voter IDs. This is one issue the country agrees on. President Biden said requiring voter IDs is: “the worst challenge to our democracy since the Civil War”. Disagreeing with 80% of the country is a challenge to his presidency, not our democracy. Only citizens will be able to vote and that wrecks Democrats’ open borders plan.



Why the judgment over Boebert’s church visit?

To Mr. Crowe: If you do not want to see Lauren Boebert at Faith Heights Church, it’s simple. Don’t go! And I promise I won’t criticize you for any stupid things you did when you were young.


Grand Junction

Are all vaccines fascist, or just the one for COVID?

Regarding Rep, Lauren Boebert’s remark that Biden has “deployed his Needle Nazis to Mesa County” (Sentinel, July 9), here are three questions: 1. Which of these other vaccines do you think are also fascist: diphtheria, tetanus, measles, flu, smallpox, hepatitis, meningitis, polio? 2. Which of those vaccines did you deny to your children because of totalitarian fears? 3. How can anyone vote in 2022 for a politician guilty of such blatant hypocrisy, lying and stupidity?