Boebert agenda is antidote to liberals and rioting mobs

In western Colorado we have a woman, Lauren Boebert from Rifle, yes a town named after a type of gun, who gained publicity for her restaurant by having her servers open-carry a pistol on their hips.

She defeated a sitting congressman by accusing him of being a typical politician and not sticking to his guns. She says she will adhere to conservative principles and support President Trump. We will know exactly what she stands for. She started with the Second Amendment and that provided her with her message: You are not taking away our guns without a fight. Guns are the keystone holding in place all the freedoms protected by the Bill of Rights. Republicans want a tough congresswoman who will stand up to Washington elites.

It’s interesting to note that during this time of unrest gun sales nationally have been going through the roof. A friend of mine who owns a sporting goods store joked that President Obama had done wonders for his gun and ammunition sales. His sales had not been doing as well during the Trump administration. Since these peaceful demonstrations that look like riots to many people, his sales have skyrocketed. He says many of these buyers are first-time buyers. It’s anecdotal but it looks like these people are concerned about our government being able to protect them.

With the virus emergency, governors and mayors are getting used to issuing edicts without the benefit of the consent of the governed. It’s spilled over into their handling of the chaos in the streets. It’s kind of like socialism. The remedy is found at the ballot box. Some demonstrators appear to want to circumvent elections. That won’t happen. The chaos for the most part will be limited to those cities led by the most progressive Democrats. They have lost control. They deny it, but we have seen the videos of nightly riots for months. The states are our laboratories. In November voters will elect candidates who promise to provide safe streets for their families. The right to bear arms as protected by leaders like Lauren Boebert ensures that the right to vote will remain inviolate, regardless of the intentions of liberal governors or rioting mobs.



Peters doesn’t have mindset to be a great public servant

Like any Mesa County resident, I care about election integrity. I worked in the elections office in the 1980s and was an election judge for many years.

I reached out to Tina Peters recently after her well-documented problems led to a recall campaign. To her credit, she allowed me to sit down and talk to her.

She believes what she is doing is right. Whatever she wants to do in her office is for her to do. That’s her privilege as an elected official.

But the next morning Tina Peters was on the front page of the Sentinel asking Republicans to support her on social media and with letters to the editor. This troubled me because Peters’ approach injects partisanship into an office whose function is to be nonpartisan.

As Peters has fought back against the recall, her predecessor, Sheila Reiner (who I consider one of the finest public servants in the state) has endured unwarranted criticism.

Peters has suggested that Reiner “poisoned” the clerk’s staff. Perhaps one of the employees could find an email that Sheila had written or recall the encouraging talk Sheila gave them about “giving Tina a chance.”

If the staff is poisoned, perhaps it’s because Peters was openly critical of the customer service in the motor vehicle division. She shared these observations while taking a tour of the office while she was still running for office.

Since she was elected — and problems like uncounted ballots started popping up — she has dodged accountability. The buck stops with Tina. She may “relegate” tasks, but it is HER JOB to oversee the office.

Of course, most troubling to me personally was the suggestion that election judges are old and don’t train well.

We in Mesa County are BLESSED with super election judges. They are committed to the integrity of our votes and the entire election process. They have a great work ethic and should be thanked and praised.

Tina says that she just has a “different management style.” With the extreme turnover among her staff, maybe she needs to reassess her style.

I can’t fathom why Tina would accuse people of “staging” the flying ballots at the drop box. I used to try to put my ballot in that box when it was near the entrance. The slot was too tight and you had to work at it for the ballot envelope to fall in.

I’ve tried to provide some first-hand observations to quell the hearsay whispers that have been damaging to Sheila Reiner.

Whatever voters decided to do regarding the recall campaign, I have great faith in Peters’ staff. I got to meet them. They are super and, I believe, they will do well preparing and conducting elections.


Grand Junction

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