Free Jeff Kuhr to make science-based decisions

This is NOT GOOD FOR BUSINESS. The heat is bad enough to keep bikers, hikers and campers away. But, having the Delta variant is a unique whammy supported by vaccine avoidance. Thank you, county commissioners!

Rescind the resolution passed to let everyone do as they see fit and give full science-based authority to Dr. Jeff Kuhr to re-establish whatever measures are necessary to bring the Delta variant to heel. If this is not done, and it maybe too late now, this area will be a business dead-space.

NPR/CPR gave bleak exposure to our community failure of having the lowest vaccination rate in Colorado and maybe the nation. A vaccination rate below 40% is not going to protect the kids in this county. And then being graced by the variant most aggressive toward children, the Delta variant, Mesa County, along with her businesses, will fail.

All of the commissioners should get on the news stating their support of Dr. Kuhr and all actions he takes if they are based in science. They should admit they were mistaken in “opening” the county prematurely, and remind people of how well the county was doing until the “unmasking” resolution took effect in April. Ask and even beg the people to comply.

Dr. Kuhr will do the right thing to promote the health of this community, as he did under the past commissioners.

Doing the right thing now will be a defining action.



There were no patriots storming Capitol — only a mob

OK, OK, OK, now enough is enough. On Jan. 6 our democracy was attacked by a mob of people who may or may not believe that Donald Trump’s election was stolen from him, but the fact remains they did attack our nation’s capitol building after listening to speeches by Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, and Donald Trump.

It happened. The world saw it. The world saw how the mob built a scaffold to hang Mike Pence on the steps of our capitol, and how a mother and son named Lisa Marie Eisenhart and Eric Munchel were arrested for being inside the Senate chambers with zip ties, seeking out Nancy Pelosi. These two on their Facebook pages freely admit that was why they were inside the capitol building. Both are charged with multiple federal charges for their part on Jan. 6. And the descriptions of all those arrested so far are very detailed and tell a very sick story of unhappy, misguided, and in some case conspiratorial groups who wanted to overthrow our government that day. History will record what happened that day, for our children and our grandchildren to read for many years to come.

Trying to revise history with nonsensical claims will not change anything. More than 500 people have been arrested, charged, indicted and are awaiting trials in federal court now.

The last time our capitol was taken over was in 1814. The British were on the way to our Capitol building to burn it down, and American soldiers who were defending it that day knew they were basically on a suicide mission to protect it.

And they died. Because they were proud patriotic Americans who believed like we do that our democracy is something to be cherished and defended even if it means dying for that cause.

There were no patriots attacking our Capitol on Jan. 6. Only the mob.

When did the truth stop being important to Americans? How long has this sickness festered in our country? I wish I knew. But, one thing I do know is we are all Americans, and we all should stand shoulder to shoulder to protect what our founding fathers did for us in 1776.

Donald Trump has a mountain of legal troubles now. And that is too bad. It is called the rule of law.


Grand Junction

Forget Jan. 6 and pay attention to what’s happening at border

Now that the Jan 6 issue in our Capital has been beaten to death in the Letters to the Editor, might we move on to another subject?

Not sure how many insurrectionists were at the Capitol for sure, but my question is, “How many illegal aliens are now crossing our southern border?” Possibly more than the insurrectionists that were at the Capitol.

The insurrectionists are now in jail, but the illegal aliens are now being housed in our country’s hotels. Help me explain this to my kids!


Grand Junction