Can we find a way to support good cops?

Since both good cops and bad cops wear the same uniform, maybe it’s time for another symbol or color to represent the good ones so we, the general public, can show our support for the good ones without having to show support for the bad ones at the same time.

Having known both, I would love to show my support for the good ones, but the all-or-nothing symbology too often leaves me silent and bewildered instead. The man, the person, makes the uniform; the uniform does not make the person.

The uniform does not contain the hero’s magic power; the hero does. We need a new symbol to post and share that acknowledges and differentiates those who choose to serve, protect, and sacrifice from those who wear the uniform for lesser or the wrong reasons. We don’t back uniforms, we back people. We need a new symbol to share. And to all the honorable who choose to serve, to protect, to sacrifice, thank you. I was thinking a heart symbol on the badge as the differentiator, as it seems to say it all?


Grand Junction

Bone marrow transplant recipient grateful to Congress

As a bone marrow transplant recipient and the former chair of the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) board of directors, I was extremely dismayed to see Rep. Boebert vote against reauthorization of a lifesaving program and spread misinformation about NMDP.

I am incredibly proud of the work this nonprofit does, including saving my life. For over three decades, in partnership with the federal government, NDMP has operated the nation’s registry of unrelated bone marrow donors, selfless individuals willing to donate their cells to save the life of a patient suffering from leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell disease, or another 70 different diseases. During that time, NMDP has facilitated over 105,000 transplants, all of which have involved cells voluntarily donated by either an adult donor, or cells collected from the umbilical cord, which occurs only after a full-term delivery where both mother and baby are healthy and safe.

It’s unfortunate that Rep. Boebert peddled in misinformation and has not yet corrected her misstatements, but I am extraordinarily grateful for the support from the rest of her colleagues in Congress who, with overwhelming bipartisan support, continue to support the incredible efforts of connecting willing donors with blood cancer patients, and those suffering from sickle cell disease or other genetic disorders, with a second chance at life.


Steamboat Springs

‘Plastic management’ bill is a green tax and a bad choice

House Bill 21-1162 in the Colorado Legislature, the “Plastic Product Management” bill, will create a 10-cent green tax on single-use grocery bags. Single-use recyclable plastic bags will no longer be available statewide, our “paper or plastic” choice will be eliminated and recycling plastic bag options will be lost. Recycled paper bags will be our only “choice.” That is not plastic product management. You can still buy the $1 to $2 reusable plastic bags made in China if you forget yours. The law will also ban polystyrene foam containers that keep your takeout coffee and food warm in the winter.

Steamboat’s City Council has already imposed a 20-cent green tax and BANNED plastic bags. When I reach out to council members they say I am the only one complaining. Please let your city council, state representative and senator know I am not alone. Your voice and vote matter.

Every time my paper bag breaks and I lose $10 of groceries, I think, “Is this sustainability?” As a plastics sustainability professional, I know plastic bags are better for greenhouse gases and water pollution than paper; cleaner, cheaper and more convenient than reusable bags; easier to fill and carry and break less than paper and they have many secondary uses like for my trash and dog waste or recycling. So why don’t I have a choice?

One word: “government.” Do they know how much this will cost stores? Do they care?

This is a green tax and bad choice.


Steamboat Springs

We don’t need a single new gun law in this country

Message to Democrats: No more gun laws! There are more than enough gun control laws on the books. Want to stop mass shootings? Fix our broken mental health-care system! Want to reverse the rising rates of crime and murder committed with firearms in our cities? Enforce the laws already on the books and punish the perpetrators! We don’t need a single new gun law!