A new perspective on Native American names

I was a proponent of removing the practice of naming sports team mascots after Native Americans. However, after reading a recent article, I have come to see things a bit differently. Specifically, the removing of Native American names and images from public view and discussion reminds us of the time when Native American heritage was to be eradicated from all memory.

Native American people were to be assimilated into “American” society. I never thought of it that way before! But perhaps everyone should look at this side of the coin before we go gung-ho to be inoffensive and think it through a bit more.

I also read that not all tribes were on board with this idea. Maybe we should get the opinions of many Native American people and see what they think of this and then move forward with their ideas. After all, they are the ones affected by this.


Grand Junction

Thanks to all involved in Veterans Day Parade

The Veterans Committee of the Western Slope and the Huyser Chapter of the Air Force Association would like to thank all of our supporters for this years Veterans Day Parade.

We had a total of 35 units march with at least 400 people involved.

The following entries were recognized for outstanding performances.

Best Youth Group: Boy Scouts of America.

Best Band: Fruita Monument High School.

Most Patriotic Entry: Grand Valley Combined Honor Guard.

Many individuals and organizations spent their time making sure that vets in our community know that their service is appreciated. They have our heartfelt thanks.

Thanks also to the organizations who marched in the parade. Thanks also go to the residents and businesses affected by road closures and the event itself. But our primary thanks goes, as always, to those who have served our country in uniform and to those currently doing so.


Grand Junction

Infrastructure bill funding to make our lives better

I was dismayed to learn that the 13 Republican members of Congress who voted for the infrastructure bill have received death threats and been told that their committee assignments are at risk.

Our very own Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, who apparently spends her days visiting Donald Trump at his palatial estate in Florida sporting a “Lets Go Brandon” prom dress and spouting lies from the video studio in her office, called the bill “socialism” and of course voted against it.

It’s probably time to visit the bill and see what “socialism” looks like. The Sentinel has reported that the bill will provide $100 million for badly needed broadband in Colorado. Along with the $170 million provided to Colorado by the American Rescue Bill earlier this year, Colorado will finally have the money to eliminate the urban/rural divide on the internet.

In addition, the infrastructure bill will provide $17 billion to upgrade and modernize our ports where we are presently experiencing serious bottlenecks, $25 billion for our aging airports, $100 billion for our decrepit roads and bridges (one only needs to look at our own stretch of Interstate 70 to understand the urgent need for help), $55 billion for replacement of lead pipes which have poisoned countless children and adults, $66 billion for modernizing and improving our freight and passenger rail service, which is pathetically behind other developed nations and money for a variety of other problems including $50 billion to protect the country from droughts, wildfires and floods, events of which we are all too well aware.

Boebert needs to look up the definition of socialism, which involves government ownership of the means of production and distribution, not the beneficial improvement of our infrastructure used by private industry to distribute goods and services. A little education for our congresswoman would include a course in political science and civics, which might help her to legislate rather than act as a carnival barker for the crazy wing of the Republican Party.

Donald Trump couldn’t get his infrastructure week off the ground in four years. Biden did it in the first 8 months in office. Boebert, stop criticizing people who get things done. If you really want to fight for your constituents, start by advocating for the COVID vaccine and vote on some measures that make our lives better.


Glade Park