We must move past myth of election fraud

Does there exist irrefutable proof supporting the incumbent’s claim this year’s presidential election has been stolen?

Only anecdotal assertion, hearsay, weak or tortured arguments and outright falsehoods have been presented. Most of the lawsuits contesting election results or process, filed and argued by embarrassed lawyers in battleground states, have been dismissed in those courts. Election officials and secretaries of state in those states, many of them Republicans, say they find no fraud, irregularities or mistakes, either favoring Mr. Biden or hurting President Trump beyond a tiny number of them, which occur with each election anyway. Certainly the numbers are not enough to close the 5 plus million popular vote gap between these two major party candidates.

Unless the above-mentioned proof of massive fraud can be presented to the nation, let’s move beyond this futile and destructive ruse!


Grand Junction

Having BLM headquarters here remains a smart move

Thank you for the in-depth article regarding internal memos within the Biden administration recommending the closure of the National BLM Headquarters in Grand Junction.

From what I can see from available public information, the authors of the memo appear to have never spent any portion of their working career west of the Mississippi. Having rooted themselves in the Washington D.C. area, Alexandra Teitz, Kate Kelly and Christy Goldfuss appear extremely reluctant to make a geographic transition and are lobbying to have their workplace relocated to them rather moving out west where the public lands that they would be responsible to manage actually exist.

I would hope that we could make the effort as a community to reach out to these executives to convince them of the lifestyle benefits that living out west could afford to them. After all, the vast majority of the BLM employees that I know highly prefer being located out among the majestic public lands that they manage and I’m sure that they would do their utmost to make these federal policy executives feel welcome.

In the end, I think that policy makers should be concerned with creating an executive career environment for public land bureau employees that allows them the opportunity to pursue federal land management objectives without being trapped by the high cost of living, high stress and poor health outcomes of an urban lifestyle that is far removed from the open spaces that federal public lands provide.


Grand Junction

Bending the curve is just delaying the inevitable

I, for one, do not share the angst expressed by The Sentinel and some readers about the increasing spread of COVID-19. On the contrary, I believe the more rapidly this virus moves throughout the country, the sooner it will be gone. Widespread exposure confers widespread immunity and that is to our overall benefit.

Yes, I realize COVID can be deadly to some individuals, but that is also true with cancer, heart disease, strokes and the flu. At age 74, I am by no means exempt from any of them. Most COVID deaths are the result of underlying medical conditions more than of the virus itself. The vast majority of those who have it recover fully and many do not even know they had been infected. No one knows how many COVID deaths would have occurred anyway.

It is apparent the virus will be with us a long time before the general public has access to any new vaccine. Between now and then, “bending the curve” is synonymous with “delaying the inevitable” by stretching the disease out over time. The virus is here and will continue spreading, government restrictions and vaccine development notwithstanding.


Grand Junction

Sentinel’s ‘Core Values’ don’t reflect what we see in paper

Over the past two weeks, the Sentinel has either, reprinted Associated Press articles or written their own, presuming or stating outright, that Joe Biden is the next president. The Sentinel also routinely prints their Core Values for journalism, citing impartiality, credibility, and the pursuit of truth. Your actions do not match your words. Your readers deserve better.



Schools don’t need to be shamed for positive messages

Well it’s finally happened — we’ve come down to shaming two schools for their messages of community support. Do we know for sure they don’t reuse those eye-catching red cups for each new uplifting message? Sure they may lose some to the weather, but do you think the older youth of America EVER wash and reuse the Solo cups from their beer pong parties? I get the warm feels when I see those messages. Please don’t take that away from us. Have some faith the school is doing it responsibly. And for goodness sake, don’t we have enough shaming going on right now?


Grand Junction

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