Please help slow spread of COVID

Bill Marvel recently posted his opinion stating that he believes the more rapidly this virus moves through the country, the sooner it will be gone.

Although I understand his desire to have COVID be over with ASAP, we all need to consider the consequences related to that. There is not an unlimited number of ICU beds in our community, nor is there an unlimited number of ICU nurses, pulmonologists or respiratory therapists to care for large numbers of ill patients. As an RN (now retired), I know how difficult it is to have staffing stretched to the limits; to have an influx of patients in the ER that can overload the team; to have patients pass away without their family present. Having patients who you are taking care of die from any illness or injury is emotionally difficult to deal with, but to lose them to a preventable contagious disease causes unnecessary anguish for the caregivers as well as the patient’s family.

Providing critical care is very challenging even when all the staffing, PPE, support teams, etc are readily available and in top form. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to be overwhelmed with COVID patients and also have exhausted or depleted staff, lack of PPE, or run out of space in the morgue, like many communities are experiencing now.

We can do better. We need to slow the spread of COVID to prevent our facilities from being overwhelmed and to prevent unnecessary deaths. Please wear masks, social distance, wash your hands, etc, in support of our medical teams. We need those same people to care for the stroke and heart attack patients, trauma victims and other critical patients that they routinely get.

The vaccines are coming, and with the people who have already been infected plus the vaccinated people, there will be some form of “herd immunity,” but that is still many months away. In the meantime, let’s all do our part to prevent the rapid spread of COVID.


Grand Junction

What message are we sending with our choice for 3rd CD?

We on the Western Slope have demonstrated to the pompous, patronizing bullies in the Interstate 25 corridor that we are relevant and care deeply about global trade and its local effects, climate change, international relationships, and complicated national and international economics by sending a rap-sheeted, gun-fanatical high school dropout to 117th Congress of the United States of America.


Grand Junction

Converted racecars should be exempt from clean air rules

I respectfully request that Congress pass the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act, H.R. 5434/S. 2602, in 2020. The bipartisan RPM Act protects the right to convert an automobile or motorcycle into a racecar used exclusively at the track.

Modifying a vehicle into a racecar is an integral part of America’s automotive heritage. Many types of racing, including NASCAR, were founded on the premise that street vehicles, including motorcycles, can be converted into dedicated race vehicles. Racing events are an economic driver for many communities and a source of affordable family friendly entertainment for millions, with participants that range from professionals to novices using converted race vehicles.

Congress never intended for the Clean Air Act (CAA) to apply to motor vehicles modified for competition use only. However, the EPA maintains that CAA requires converted vehicles driven exclusively on the track to remain emissions-compliant.

The RPM Act clarifies that transforming motor vehicles into racecars used exclusively for competition does not violate the CAA. It is imperative that Congress passes the RPM Act to provide long-term certainty to racers and motorsports parts businesses.



If Trump wants to run again, he could start by not lying

Only because I understand the reality of perspective and like to think of myself as a centrist, I read Marc Thiessen’s opinion columns. They certainly challenge my practice of reading his work.

That said, his column in Wednesday’s Sentinel about what Trump needs to do to win back the White House in 2024 misses the most critical element — telling the truth. Trump’s constant lying has done more to harm and separate our country than any good he may have accomplished. Just look at the moral lesson he is demonstrating to our young people. It’s such a shame.



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