Be a community leader and get vaccinated

In the last month I have spent several weeks in one of our Grand Junction hospitals. It is, in a word, sad to see how our community refuses to take the vaccine and mask and vaccinate their children. At one point, I heard we had up to nine children waiting on rooms.

I was moved twice in one week to make room for COVID patients. The nurses, CNA’s, even traveling nurses from out of state have been hired to take care of local people who refused to get vaccinated and were now paying the consequences.

How the medical staff stays so patient and kind is beyond me. How nurses stay so patient and kind is truly remarkable. I thanked God everyday for the nursing staff, doctors, lab techs and physical therapists for the hard work and dedication, often having to dress in COVID protective gear just to enter a room.

To the people of Mesa County, Montrose and Delta — we are killing ourselves, our family and even our children by refusing to get vaccinated. Don’t be a victim. Be a community leader in spite of your political beliefs, your personal choice, if it was only you you had to worry about. Get vaccinated. Please and thank you.


Grand Junction

We should be advocating as cyclists for Safety Stop

For more than the past 20 years, even though I have a vehicle, whenever possible I ride my bike (extra dry shirt in the summer, sweat pants over work pants in the winter). In the past six months I have been hit twice by vehicles. Both times, even though I had signaled and thought I had gotten eye contact, the drivers told me “I didn’t see you.” Lying on my back in the middle of Seventh Street I couldn’t help but think what it would mean to my independence at the age of 73 if this was more than as it turned out to be a badly bruised hip.

I am an advocate of the Safety Stop, the Idaho Stop where a bicyclist treats a stop sign as a yield sign and a red light as a stop sign. For instance, if I slow down to a stop sign and see an approaching car a block away it is safe for me to go through the intersection, but wouldn’t be if I stopped and went ahead.

Grand Junction is a great bike town with many great bike shops and I would like to see them advocate for this.


Grand Junction

What did Peters, Bishop hope to prove anyway?

Tina Peters, Sherronna Bishop and two others had their homes searched by the FBI just the other day and their responses were quite amusing. What exactly did these women do so wrong, aside from being really dumb for believing Ron Watkins, the leader of QAnon and high school dropout who refers to himself as the Q Administrator, who took the sensitive photos and passwords from these ladies of Grand Junction and Rifle? My Pillow guy Mike Lindell still has that stuff.

To what end? For what purpose? To prove that Trump’s election was stolen in Mesa County? Uh, hmmm, how to say this... Trump won Mesa county easily.

So, why would Tina and her gang think it was important to forget about the trust the voters of the county gave them in the first place? Because they want to cling onto that idiotic notion that Trump’s election was rigged and were willing to go to jail to prove their loyalty to Trump? To kiss his ring?

I don’t know, and I really don’t want to know what was going on inside their little heads at that time, but what I do know is none of them can ever work for Mesa County again, at least in a capacity that allows them to see anything sensitive.

And in Dallas, Texas, at Dealey Plaza, Qanon members are still camped out waiting for one of the Kennedys to show up.

Problem is they are dead and buried. A chronic case of deadness it seems.

And this is who Tina Peters and Sherronna Bishop hang out with? So very boring. They should consider a different hobby.

Sherronna owns a hair cutting place and could maybe teach Tina a new trade. Maybe.


Grand Junction

Have common sense when driving through park

Good thing we have Canyon View Park, otherwise how would people get around the road closure at 24 and G Road? Glad the families and kids are not using the park this time of year.

People should have a little more common sense and if your going to be that person then at least slow down under 35 mph.


Grand Junction