Railroad service can be part of our future again

The Mesa County Library, in conjunction with the Museums of Western Colorado, hosted an excellent presentation, illustrated with historic photos presented by Matt Darling, museum staff member at Cross Orchards.

Much of the history of the city of Grand Junction is intertwined with the history of the railroads that served the city over the past century. As we envision future transportation for our city, rail can again be part of the picture!

Two freight railroads serve the Grand Junction area: Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF). Two Amtrak passenger trains daily serve the city, east and west — Amtrak’s California Zephyr.

Now, the Fiends of the Historic Grand Junction RR Depot (listed on the National Register of Historic Places and Colorado’s Most Endangered Places) and Colorado Preservation, Inc. are working with the owner of the depot to restore it once again as a multi-use building including an Amtrak Station.


Grand Junction

Fearful about the future for my grandchildren

My morning routine begins with reading The Daily Sentinel. Many of Monday’s articles were very disturbing, as so many were about the upheaval created by normal people acting like crazy people — not just in the U.S., but all over the world.

I’m becoming more convinced we’re headed to Armageddon — in the New Testament the last battle between good and evil before the Day of Judgment. Eighty people pillaging Nordstrom’s. A vehicle driving through a Christmas parade full of children. Protesters proudly carrying rifles in public that were designed for military use declaring it’s their “right.” The Supreme Court deciding if gun laws are an infringement of the second amendment. Corrupt political leaders elected to office.

People all over the world are running the streets “protesting” everything from health issues, gun issues, political issues, racial issues, sex issues, legal issues. Now I know why there are so many able bodies unemployed. They are out, day and night, protesting about anything just for the thrill of being part of the herd.

Will it finally abate? Will the protesters finally get bored and go back to their daily lives? I honestly don’t think so. This is like a horrible addiction, once you get the adrenaline rush of being part of the crowd you can’t stop and go back to having a civil conversation about differences. It’s coming to a point where if you leave the safety of your home you may not get back in one piece or not at all.

I fear for my grandchildren and for the future of my great-grandchildren that their world will become Armageddon.



Antisemitism in public forums must be denounced

In a September 2020 Facebook post, Cindy Paschal Ficklin, a candidate for Colorado House District 55, endorsed and promoted the conspiracy theories of an international Jewish cabal and a single Jewish family “control[ling] all of the world’s banks” — dangerous antisemitic myths that were central elements of Nazi ideology and propaganda.

In response, as a member of our Jewish community, and a conservative Republican, I (Matthew) privately and respectively shared with Ficklin the vile history of such lies, including that these baseless claims of excessive Jewish power were not just antisemitic, but also served as justification for the slaughter of millions of Jews.

Regretfully, Ficklin, in a recent interview, chose not to reject such appalling allegations and went on to recommend a bigoted video that furthered these alarming Jewish conspiracy theories. We note that Ficklin expressly posted that the reporter “quoted me correctly” and did “an exceptional job researching and writing” the article.

With this, we are compelled to speak out against the damage perpetuated by her willful ignorance or deliberate prejudice in advancing these antisemitic theories.

“The great irony of the myth of Jewish world control is painfully, but readily dispelled by the reality of the pogroms of the 19th century and the genocide of the Holocaust in the 20th century — just two tragic reminders from recent history of the powerlessness that Jews ultimately have experienced at the hands of despotic and murderous regimes.” — Anti-Defamation League.

No glib denial of being an anti-Semite by Ficklin can negate the harmful reality of her actions in continuing to endorse contemptible, unfounded, anti-Jewish propaganda. No one embracing such atrocious ideas should represent our community with authority and no political party should remain silent in the face of such prejudice.

It is not enough to simply distance oneself in such circumstances, but rather we must all actively denounce antisemitism and hateful bigotry of any kind, whenever it seeps into the public forums.