Bless compassion of docs who treat unvaccinated

Cheers for ER Dr. Paul Padyk (Sentinel, Sept. 8) who politely conveys to anti-vaxxers his “turmoil” of caring for un-vaccinated COVID patients who “publicly despise“ his work yet “privately plead” for his care.

From an old geezer who is the father of an ER doctor elsewhere, here’s some straight talk. Anti-vaxxers claim an inalienable right, not to freedom, but to threaten every day the life of my son, Dr. Padyk, nurses, me and even kids. Narcissists have a perfect right to drive off a cliff, but not to drive drunk or run red lights. Homicide DUI gets years in jail. Anti-vaccine hypocrisy and stupidity is disgraceful, vicious and criminal. Maybe when anti-vaxxers gasping for breath get turned away from the ER, or when they have to pay their own cash for their hospital bills, they will begin to wake up and grow up.

Bless your “patient” compassion, Dr. Padyk.




As requested, here are some facts about Boebert

A recent letter from Richard Hopkins suggests Lauren Boebert is “doing a great job for those who elected her.” Another letter from L.W. Hunley said we should “stop the pettiness and report just the facts.” Facts indeed!

Prior to becoming a member of Congress, Boebert’s restaurant — Shooters Grill — posted significant operating losses and continues to do so. Several years ago, Rifle Rodeo attendees got sick after eating grub sold by the only food vendor there, owned and operated by — you guessed it — Lauren Boebert. Her election campaign was partly based on a law-and-order platform — yet, she has had several close encounters of her own kind with police.

Our elected QAnon supporter is facing serious allegations of financial corruption and conflicts of interest. She billed her campaign for mileage amounting to one and a half times the circumference of our fragile planet. Colorado’s 3rd District representative voted against a bill to award Congressional Gold Medals to police for defending the Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot. Gun-toting Lauren voted against reauthorizing a bill to help leukemia patients. She voted against the Protecting Indian Tribes from Scams Act and voted against the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act. She opposed the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act.

Mrs. Boebert joked about Afghans falling to their deaths as they were clinging to the fuselage of a U.S. military plane while escaping the clutches of the Taliban. She voted against visas for Afghans who helped Americans and our allies during the war. And here at home, she tweeted, “The easiest way to make the (COVID) Delta variant go away is to turn off CNN. And vote Republican.” Ah, the purveyor of all things science.

I could go on, but most folks with a modicum of insight will get the point. If Mr. Hopkins really believes Congresswoman Boebert is doing a great job, one can only hope he is not in the business of saving lives. As for L.W. Hunley, paraphrasing President John Adams seems apropos: “Facts are stubborn things…they cannot alter the evidence.”


Grand Junction