Name-calling isn’t a solution for health care

It was disheartening to see Lauren Boebert’s full-page attack ad in the Sentinel on Sunday. Under the banner of health care, Boebert’s campaign engages in nothing but “red-baiting” with this. Call your opponent a socialist and those on the conservative end of the political spectrum freak out. It’s one of the oldest Republican tricks in the book and I’m tired of it.

When Boebert secured the nomination, after defeating Tipton, I thought I’ll give this lady a chance. As a business owner, the cost of offering health insurance for my employees is staggering. As a user of health care, the quality of care available to those with insurance is disappointing at best. This is why I’m interested in a candidate that can offer more than just name-calling as a solution.

Boebert to date, has not done that. In her contract with Colorado, the only statement she makes about health care, is that it should be, “personal and portable with transparent and competitive pricing.” Alright that’s great, but how do you propose we do that?

As a voter, I need more than soundbites. I expect people running for office to be able to have a strategy they can outline in a little more detail. If they can’t do that, they shouldn’t have run. A platform without planks leaves us all under water.


Grand Junction

Suing the post office is a waste of taxpayer money

I find it interesting that Colorado’s secretary of state is suing the U.S. Postal Service. Talk about a waste of taxpayer money.

Having received one of the mailers in question, it is beyond me how Ms. Griswold can consider this false information. This appears to be a planned distraction by Ms. Griswold. Any well-informed and conscientious voter who reads the mailer carefully will see it has general info that all voters should be aware of.

Statement No. 2 on the mailer is quite clear. “Rules and Dates vary by state so contact your local election board to confirm.” Translation: If you have questions call the county clerk. Statement No. 3 specifies they are referring to “absentee ballots” which may need to be mailed to an address other than your local address. Statements 4 and 5 are “common sense” instructions. “Follow the instructions that come with the ballot.” If the envelope is larger than normal size, it may need extra postage. Mail it in plenty of time to reach the elections office by the deadline, 7 p.m. election night. Anything arriving after that date and time is just “junk mail.”

I hope this clarifies the issue for Ms. Griswold so she won’t have to waste our money pursuing a worthless cause.


Grand Junction

Wear a mask while picking up and dropping off at school

Dear District 51 community:

By a large majority, families reported wanting in-person school, and we as district employees have come through with that. I am a substitute with the district and part of allowing this to happen. I am appalled that I have witnessed and been exposed to kindergarteners and other little ones being dropped off and picked up by adults who are not wearing masks.

Regardless of personal beliefs, this is a populated area even if outdoors. Not wearing a mask is disrespectful to staff who are willing to be there for your children and may have family members with compromising comditions. These family members may include other children who live with illnesses or undergo treatment for illness. In addition, this sets a poor example for the kids, who are being asked to comply with mask-wearing rules. We as staff are willing to wear masks all day as we teach your children. Incidences of COVID-19 may be low in our area, but that could change at any time. If you want your children to keep attending in-person school, I would ask you to please wear a mask when dropping off/picking up near the buildings. We have been able to remain open so far, but aside from being disrespectful of staff who are there for your children, you are contributing to the possibility of schools being closed again.

Please don’t have a tragic incident be the thing that changes your mind. It is a simple request. Please honor it.


Grand Junction

Repealing Gallagher before economy rebounds is a bad idea

You seriously think that we retirees are going to vote to have our real estate taxes increased by repealing Gallagher?

Many of us are on fixed incomes. We are amid a recession and uncertain economic future. If we have investments, they are likely to lose money over the next year or two. Savings accounts are paying almost no interest. There is real inflation although not reflected in the official federal numbers. The most reasonable estimate for a return to “normal” from COVID19 is late 2021 or 2022. As a personal fiscal conservative, I will not volunteer to increase my taxes until the economy rebounds.


Grand Junction

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