One word that is used in describing the shooter in almost every mass shooting in our country is the word "angry." I don't think mental illness and anger necessarily coincide. Words used to define anger in the dictionary are belligerence, outrage, fury and antagonism, to name a few. The New World Dictionary defines anger as: "a feeling of displeasure resulting from injury, mistreatment, opposition etc. and usually showing itself in a desire to fight back at the supposed cause of this feeling." Wow! Doesn't that fit 90% of those angry, mostly white men who have chosen to take lives in their attempt at revenge?

Mental illness is just that, a medical problem that involves the brain and brain function. It should be considered the same as heart disease or diabetes. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness,, one in five adults in the U.S. experiences mental illness in a given year. Check out the website for some most interesting statistics.

To blame mental illness for the atrocities that have been perpetrated by white, male, natural-born citizens of our country is an appalling misplacement of judgment. Anger is the force behind these atrocities along with unfounded fear of our country's changing culture, changes that are unavoidable in this world of high-tech communication and global interactions.

We cannot legislate who to love. Government should have no role in marriage or childbirth. Our personal lives should be ours to control with no interference from religion or government, especially from people outside our personal sphere.

It is time to deal with anger and the guns that angry people use to express their rage and cease blaming mental illness for the horrors that continue to take place in our country.



See the breakdown if you're  on fence about D51 measure

I'm responding to the Sentinel's recent poll results on the upcoming D51 bond measure, showing that about half the folks who responded said they didn't trust the district to handle money wisely. If you're one of those folks, consider this: All the money from the 2017 bond measure has been used exactly as D51 said it would be. To see the every-cent breakdown for yourself, you can go to Also consider that the district under-spent on the 2017 projects -- $4.5 million by managing construction dollars effectively and $5 million by deferring roof replacement on Grand Junction High School, whose foundation is sinking into unstable soils. The resulting $9.5 million in unspent money will go toward the cost of making all four schools safer and better able to meet students' needs in the future, if bond measure 3A is passed. If you still have concerns, you can get more facts about the district's finance and budget process at an information session on Sept. 18, from 12-1 p.m. at the Mesa County Library downtown.


Grand Junction

Oil, gas workers would benefit from Sanders' Green New Deal

I support the Green New Deal proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., 100%. This is the Green New Deal that Sen. Sanders announced on Aug. 22. This is his official climate change platform. No other Democratic Party presidential candidate has a detailed plan like this that is a blueprint to combat climate change and move America to 100% renewable energy by 2030. Sen. Sanders has made climate change his number one priority.

After watching CNN's town hall on climate change last week with all of the Democratic Party presidential candidates touting their approaches to climate change, it was clear who has the best approach to climate change and who is the most technically savvy on renewable energy. I rate Sen. Sanders first and Andrew Yang, a New York business entrepreneur, second. I base these ratings on my 40+years of experience in the renewable energy field. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., just adopted Gov. Jay Inslee's climate change platform on Tuesday. Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., have good approaches, but they both waffled on the fracking ban question, leaving the door wide open to the fossil-fuel industry. Biden tries to copy Sanders with his halfway plan, and Klobuchar made a faint endorsement of Washington Gov. Jay Inslee's platform.

It was clear that Biden and Klobuchar are old-school Democrats still coveting the fossil-fuel industry. So, their plans might as well be tossed into the waste-of-space bucket.

One of the best parts of Sen. Sanders' Green New Deal is his guarantee of jobs and financial support to oil and gas workers as the economy transitions to a green economy. His plan guarantees oil and gas workers salary support for five years as well as housing assistance, health care, job training, and much more. Go to and see Green New Deal for this great detailed plan to move America to a green economy.

Those countries that go 100% renewable by 2030 or by 2050 will have the best economies in the world. America is way behind many European countries in renewable energy development. How much longer can we all live and breathe carbon and methane emissions in America?


New Castle

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