Looks like the Dismiss Polis folks couldn't even gather half the necessary signatures to put his recall on the ballot. Dismiss spokeswoman Karen Kataline said "We fell short yet we have made history regardless." Made history? For what? Completely wasting everyone's time?

Conservative voters like Kataline have made a mockery of the recall process. It would be one thing to recall someone for unethical or illegal behavior. But to attempt to recall someone because you disagree with the legislation they've passed is a waste of resources! If you don't like a legislator's policies, vote them out when their term is up for reelection. That's what we have elections for! Do you see Democratic and independent voters abusing the recall process in every election cycle? It's no wonder that Colorado has turned blue. The voters of this state are tired of conservative voter abuse. Why don't you recall folks try to do something constructive with your own time instead of wasting everyone else's time.


Grand Junction

It's a lie to think it's too complex to solve environmental problems

The guest editorial, "Don't believe the lie of zero-emission cars" from Sept.1 contains a modest truth in support of a big lie. The truth is that electronic vehicle regulation is far from the best way to tackle the problems of climate change. This is true partially because of the editorial's basic, but overstated, argument that focusing on tailpipe solutions does nothing to improve carbon footprints in the supply chain. A second is because no one can know that the ultimate solution to mobility issues in a post carbon world will be E.V.s, promising though they may be. So setting aside some errors in fact and overstated conclusions, the things said are at least a partial truth. But they confuse in order to confound the real issue.

It has become increasingly untenable for the anti-environmentalist lobby to deny and deconstruct the science of climate change as the accumulated evidence continues to amass. So the strategy has changed. They now throw out a multitude of objections and irrelevancies to confuse the issue so as to confound the general public into believing that there are no solutions to environmental problems "it is just too complex" — " You can't get your head around it." This is a pernicious lie.

We have discovered that there is a mechanism for solving particularly difficult problems of this sort. It is called a "market." Climate change has been a result of treating the atmosphere and climate as if they are free goods. The best solution therefore is to price carbon, either with a cap and trade system, or a carbon tax, forcing the cost of greenhouse gases to be internalized into the price of products such as internal combustion engines or electronic vehicles. If the authors of the editorial are correct, it will raise the price of E.V.s and drive them from the market. If they are wrong, it will be internal combustion vehicles driven out. And if someone discovers the so-far-elusive carbon converter that will sequester carbon before it gets to the tailpipe, the market will reward that technology as well.

And while we are at it, there are many things that can and should be done to improve the lives of children in Africa. Banning imports of their products (lithium) is not one of them.


Grand Junction

Government interference is where 'We The People' lost way

In response to the letter from Yvette Roberts on Sept. 5:

No matter how radically liberal our founders may have been, you cannot compare them to the radical, liberal, Democrat Socialists of today. The radical liberal socialist movement can be found on both sides of the aisle. The progressive movement in this country flies in the face of those very basic God-given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Insisting that prosperity must be provided by our government, it seeks to strip away the journey from our unalienable rights; the pursuit of happiness, which leads to prosperity.

The progressives insist that the government save them from themselves. This is so far removed from any practical understanding of what our founding fathers rose up against, that to call the American Revolution a radical liberal movement is to say that our founding fathers had no common sense. The radical ideas of our founding fathers have worked since 1776 because they found their origins in the pursuit of happiness and their independence.

Sadly, neither of these principles is fully embraced by the Democratic Socialists of today or the progressive hypocrites that inspire the ideology to take those rights away. Government interference in the process is where "We The People" have lost our way.

Freedom isn't free, and no matter what your opinion is of what our founding fathers did, they did not do it so that generations later "We The People" could, or would give it all away, to the very things that inspired them to make the sacrifice, take the journey, that made our country so great! If that is all your 50 years of education has netted you then you have completely missed the point.

So get it right, leave us alone. Be respectful of your fellow citizens, particularly since it appears you are still wandering in the wilderness. Subjecting others to suffer your will is to deny others their own. The United States of America stands for freedom. The Progressive movement is so passive-aggressive that it may seem that "We The People" have missed it. That's patently untrue! We have simply done our best to be respectful of your pursuit. In return, we have had to suffer your resentment and disrespect.



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