Thanks to all who helped restore vets' monument

Before too much time passes from Memorial Day weekend, I want to write and say how much my husband and I appreciated the tremendous work everyone exhibited for the Veterans Monument rededication on May 25, 2019. It was a group effort of which we had the opportunity to be a part.

My husband, Garry, saw a veterans monument in need of repair and refurbishing to bring it back to the beauty it once was before the elements took their toll. The monument had been placed privately in 1935 by patriotic and veterans groups, so after researching and checking with Snyder Memorials to find out what could be done to bring the monument back, he reached out to the surviving groups of 1935 and to other similar organizations in the area asking for support to redo the monument. All groups approached, gladly stepped up to help. Enough can’t be said about those who came together to accomplish this needed task. Without everyone’s effort it would not have been done.

A big thank you goes out to the Sons of Union Veterans; American Legion Post 37; VFW Post 1247; VFW Post 3981; Mount Garfield Chapter, National Society, Daughters of the Revolution and the Sons of the American Revolution. Also, playing a big part in making it all happen were Snyder Memorials; Museums of Western Colorado; Vicksburg National Military Park; the American Red Cross; Joe Zeni, historian; Trophy Case; and the city of Grand Junction, Orchard Mesa Cemetery staff.

Once again the Veterans Monument in the Orchard Mesa Cemetery veterans section no longer blends in because of decades of weather, but now stands out with pride for visitors as they come to pay their respects to all those who have served and given so much to secure our freedom.

Thank you.


Grand Junction

Letter writer twisted Jesus Christ’s message of love

To the letter writer who twisted Jesus’s words to say that God wants us to hate, here is another sentence for you to consider: the words of Jesus in Luke 14:33. “So also none of you can be a disciple of mine without parting with all his possessions.” Taken literally, this means that only a naked penniless homeless man can hope to be a disciple. How are you doing now?


Grand Junction

Darkness pervades Palisade’s probe of crosswalk incident

Darkness at Palisade’s Eighth and Kluge intersection is an easier fix than darkness in human behavior.

Collectively, Palisade’s mayor, town administrator, police chief and detective represent a mysterious “they.” Any unnamed “they” indicates darkness.

The chief is fumbling in the dark if an accident report can jeopardize her no-case-to-be-made case against Grand Junction Police Department Cmdr. Dave Arcady.

A non-violent driver requesting a roadside test should never be refused one. Those aren’t expensive or time consuming. To deny one for the sake of appearances is the darkest irony, since the Palisade detectives meetings are held in a parking lot under cover of … more darkness.

The only acceptable dark to this mess are Nicole Bro’s clothes and the time the sun rose. Teens, like adults, favor black over colors. Sunrise in January is when it is.

I challenge Palisade police to find a more honest soul with more integrity than Dave Arcady. If he says a rooster can pull a freight train, hitch it up.

Palisade has picked one of the all-time finest men to ever serve and protect the Grand Valley and is stomping on him. Picking and stomping are best reserved for Palisade peaches and wine grapes. A child got hurt. If one of my children were to be hit by a car, I would want it to be Arcady’s because he would be quicker and more compassionate about getting her help than anyone. Trying to make an accident with so many uncontrolled variables something it isn’t by assigning inappropriate blame won’t ensure children are safe nearly as much as street lights will. I hope Palisade’s municipal court can function in daylight. The only winner in this story so far is human darkness.


Pleasant View, Tennessee

Parents proud of daughter’s successful small business

On April 19, 2019 our daughter, Barbara Kinion, with Four Seasons Gutter Systems, was named “Best Gutter Contractor” for “Best of the West.”

Barbara took first place. Barbara has been in business since 1989. Barbara hand cuts single-seam miter corners, which hold up over the years.

On May 15, Barbara was recognized by our governor, Jared Polis, for being a minority business owner.

We are so very proud of our daughter, Barbara Kinion, succeeding in her business since 1989.


Grand Junction

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