Constituent pressure needed on climate

Having just celebrated Thanksgiving we can be grateful to be able to retain a certain degree of hope in the face of our climate crisis. This, however, demands action. We must resist the ignorance of our current administration’s efforts to back away from the minimal efforts of the Paris Climate Accord.

Several hopeful signs in both houses of Congress are the Energy and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763) in the House and the non-partisan companion effort in the Senate. Both bills’ efforts are to use a free-market approach to putting fossil fuel pollution back into the economic equation and rebating all monetary benefits back to all households equally.

This can be done, but constituent pressure may need to be ramped up. Let’s follow the Thanksgiving spirit by promoting our effort to combat the climate crisis in an egalitarian way.



Bravo to CCL for approach on finding solutions to climate

I am one of the majority of Americans cited in Sunday’s op-ed who acknowledges that climate change is a crisis that demands immediate action. Bravo to Citizens Climate Lobby for encouraging a bipartisan, collaborative approach by Republicans and Democrats in Congress. In 2020, I will be voting for the candidates who recognize this crisis and are willing to work across the aisle to take action. The future of life on this planet depends on us.


Grand Junction

Korean War veteran likes Trump’s tariff strategy

People in the United states have forgotten that China helped North Korea in the Korean War of 1950-53. In this war, approximately 35,000 U.S., South Korean and NATO troops were killed. Why should we help China? I hope President Trump keeps the tariffs so high that we do not deal with the Chinese anymore. We cannot trust China from the past. Our manufacturing business will do more in the U.S. and other places. We do not need China. I was in the Army in South Korea in 1953 and President Trump has helped the veterans and the United States. All veterans need to support President Trump.


Grand Junction

Columnist’s ‘spin’ on polling offers an incomplete story

Sunday’s column by the Sentinel’s go-to “pro-Trump” propagandist Marc Thiessen (“Democrats’ impeachment obsession is backfiring”) wishfully “grasps at straws” to distract from substance.

First, even if it were true that the on-going impeachment proceedings are “backfiring,” Thiessen seemingly forgets that the arguably most decisive event of the 2016 election did not occur until Oct. 28, 2016 – only 11 days before the Nov. 8 election — when Comey announced the reopening of the investigation into Hillary’s e-mails (while making no mention of its concurrent counter-intelligence investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible “collusion” with Putin’s attack on that election on Trump’s behalf). Thus, there’s still 11 months for Trump to further validate Democrats’ “obsession.”

Second, because “the biggest political blunder in modern times” has already occurred — with the illegitimate election of Trump to the presidency — the ultimate effect of his impeachment and “acquittal” on the 2020 election will pale in comparison.

Third, objective analysts dispute Thiessen’s dubious “spin” on recent polling because already 50% of the public believes Trump should be impeached and removed.

Moreover, because new polling results are being released almost daily, Thiessen’s were outdated even before his Wednesday Washington Post column reached the Sentinel.

Fourth, in the last two definitive election-day “polls,” Democrats won the popular vote by almost 3 million (2.1 percentage points) in 2016 and by nearly 10 million (8.6 percentage points) in 2018 – without the benefit of any impeachment inquiry. Since January 2019, the Democratically-controlled House — knowing that most Americans care much more about jobs, wages, election protections, “infrastructure, health care, and immigration” than about “investigations of President Trump” — has passed nearly 400 bills that Sen. McConnell’s Republican-controlled Senate refuses to even consider.

Finally, Speaker Pelosi rightly ignored Thiessen’s presumptuous “advice” because impeachment is the ultimate “censure” and because fully restoring the integrity of our Constitution depends on decisively beating Trump at the polls and in the Electoral College on Nov. 3, 2020. Therefore, perhaps Senate Republicans “would be wise to listen to the voters ... and start getting something done for the American people — or they might regret it on Election Day.”


Grand Junction

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